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  • John John May 8, 2012 22:33 Flag

    jekyll and hyde

    can,t quite take in what i just saw obviously i knew the side were well capable of it but why wait till the end of the season to play like that ?

    i just don,t get it

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    • Dave,

      I'd say that shot he took and scored, from what, about 40 yds ish, was absolutely expert! One hit, upper right corner..

      When you think about it, he had more time than the average player needed, which is often poison to the brain, and he had too much to shoot at with a WIDE open net and just a backdrop of thousands of supporters..

      I'd say players hit that one 6/10 times in that situation, and just look at all the times not only our players, but players in general miss much easier chances on target with a goalie to aim at, missing everything all together..

      Adam and Ramos respectively on their pks landing on other continents come to mind..

    • How many games have you watched this season? Majority o the time the lads have gone out and played attractive attacking football, hence the reason we've created more scoring chances than any other side in the prem. Today those chances were translated into goals, but I don't think the performance was much better than many I've seen from our reds this term.

    • Me too.. We had nothing to play for other than pride..

      Just why didn't we do it when it mattered..

      Then again thats been our problem all season. Very inconsistent..

      Hence why City are champions.. So well done Man City.. I couldn't have stomached the Man Ure fans coming on here gloating title 20..

    • jiohnny the G
      alrite lad?

      i think, the 2nd half in the cup final gave them the beleif they could do chelski....and they did.

      i cracked up at Downings panna though....he just cant buy a goal, that fella..!!

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      • how are you mate still supporting the blues i see

        yeah thought the second half of the cup final we were not superb but better played more like we should however last night granted against a weakened chelsea side i thought we were a lot better as i said i just dont get why we don,t get that sort of comittment every game

        and as for downing your spot on the guys had no luck

        a couple of things about last night struck me carroll i thought was outstanding shelvey was lucky not to be off and suarez showed his petulant side once again when he lashed out at ivanovic and was lucky he didn,t see red as well

        but all in all a good performance by every one and a deserved win just 4 days to late

        just one more thing that has struck me over the last 3-4 months is dalglish seems to be using gerrard less and less i just wonder could stevie be getting ready to call it a day and dalglish has this in his mind with the players he bought last season

    • Here, Here!!