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  • Seanicemanreturns Seanicemanreturns May 10, 2012 13:58 Flag

    jekyll and hyde

    La La, now needs to play a much more deeper holding role.
    he will be so much more effective there now, due to his fitness problems

    bombing forward takes such a dynamic toll on the body, i dont think he's up to it consistantly.

    The issue with the other night when he didnt play, was it gave more responsibility and ownership to a midfield completely without him, when he plays he looks to, and players look for him, to dictate the game completely..............problem with that is when he is off form, the team falls apart....

    ....this is one of the main reasons you performed well the other night, keep him deep, let him break up attacks and spray passes around....simple really..!!!

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    • Good assessment from someone that seems to despise us/him...

      Totally agree.. and ironically, Henderson/Shelvey looked cool, calm and collective beyond their years with very nice cohesion, movement and passing as well as being in all the right places at the right times..

      I actually think Jordan has done, and can do a fairly decent job holding the center... certainly not like Lucas or Mascherano, but far better than Spearing.. Couldn't have seen Jay get forward, round Terry and slot home so cool in a million years..

      I wasn't a fan of Jonjo until this year.. he needs more time on the pitch.. Perhaps next season Gerrard just needs to be in more of a rotation to preserve his health, and introduce these players better...

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      • I'm quietly optimistic about JonJo. Remember the lad only just turned 20, but already shows attributes that could be developed. I also understand he's extremely dedicated in training, with the game being the center of his life, so not one likely to get carried away with early success, but someone who wants to keep working and developing.

        My main concerns with him, like many young players, was his decision making. Seems he often rushed into challenges, did not always see the best option in front of him, and would snatch at the opportunities he had when on the ball. He's still got a lot of this in his game, but the footballing brain is often the last thing to develop, and have to say he took his goal extremely coolly. Yes the net was wide open, but he was a long way out, and took it on the half volley.