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  • Loki Loki May 10, 2012 11:12 Flag

    The cost of competing for the title

    Interesting article in the Telegraph today. City have spend nearly £1 billion in the four years under the new owners, and they so far only have an FA Cup to show for it.

    So to those on here who think we should be masters of the universe after only 18 months of new ownership and one year of a new manager - GET REAL!

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    • Oh, oh well then..

      Ydt we've got several investors that make up the FSG.. I don't wanna get into a "our club is richer than yours".. as that would be stupid..

      I meant in terms of Newcastle fans who may read and reply.. I know your red Loki.

    • I don't know whether we do have more money than Newcastle - Ashley is a billionairre, whereas Henry is only work a paltry 400 meg.

    • Well I wouldn't be much of a fan if i wasn't an optamist...

    • It really is stupid, isnt it?

    • Well I make predictions on where we ought to be bearing in mind the amount of money we have opposed to the likes of Newcastle who're ahead of us and in the C.L..
      Being where we are is very embarrassing.

    • Armchair, you seem to think that it is a foregone conclusion where we end up in the table. Don't make predictions that could come back and bite you on the @ss...

    • To be frank DSteer I'm negative cos I'm very pissed off with how far we've fallen..

      In 2005 we were CL winners shortly after we almost won the EPL.

      Now look at us.. Finished 9th.. in the table. Which is worse than Roy had us before he was sacked..

      As to who else? I dunno.. As I understand it KD was brought in as a stop gap.. to steady the ship then FSG were gonna hire someone else..

    • I don't disagree with you on Roy, although to be fair to him, I don't give him all the blame. He made some horrible transfer choices (Konchesky, Poulson) but then again he was given no money at all, and was not even allowed to spend all the money that was raised from player sales.

      But Sofa, who was available is my point. If you can't think of any one who could have done a better job, then I've made my point. I can't think of anyone good enough willing to leave their club to take us over, and even the few good managers at the time without a club were never going to take us on. Put it this way, if the best we could do the summer before was Roy, who the heck was going to come part way through the season?

      One more thing so we're clear as you seem to have changed the subject. Why do you expect KD to do better just because he knows his way around the corridors of Anfield? Maybe if you actually stated what you think were realistic expectations, and how KD, or anyone else could have achieved them we'd get a better understanding of where you’re coming from, because to be honest you seem to just seize on anything to say something negative about the club at the moment.

    • Thing is Loki KD isn't a new manager he's been here before..

      If he'd never managed us before I'd agree with you Loki..

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      • So let me get this straight. Because KD has managed us before your expectations are that he should not only match or exceed what Man City have done, but do it without nearly the same kind of financial resources, and in less that half the time!

        Did you read the article? Did you even read Loki's post?

        Let me put this into some perspective. First off forget the Billion pounds, Robert is correct it’s for effect only, just a headline. But there is real financial muscle unlike anything seen in the prem before behind it. That Billion represents not just gross spending, but total spending including transfers, wages and operating costs.

        However, in the first 3 years from when the Arabs took over, so not including any spending last summer to date, City spent 266M in transfers after players sales, or net. That is an average of just under 90M per year. The press report we spent 100M last year, but within that remember is the sale of Torres and the money raised form other sales. Our actual net spending was closer to 34M for the year.

        So you expect us to match City rise up the league in less time and on way less money, because KD already knows his way around Anfield? Wow.

    • I did. Problem is these numbers are all from 2011, so I'd be very interested where we come out at the moment as we've both reduced the wage bill, and increased revenue (commercial) since this data was available.

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