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  • Jason Jason May 11, 2012 18:08 Flag

    Don't Shoot the Messenger..

    I suppose me not answering does equate to stirring the pot, and in that instance I agree, but I don't want to do that, so see Delphi's message below and what he's been claiming for weeKs, that only Wembley prohibiteD "it"

    Yes, Hodgson and Torres were always on the cards, so I should elaborate better..

    The day before the FA Cup tie at Old Trafford, someone said Roy would get the sack and Kenny take over that night before, with no prep and lead the team out... Seemed ridiculously impossible and very cryptic to us all, who were here to read it.. It happened.

    Torres, we all knew he always might want to leave and felt a bit nervous around January, but it just so happened that Kenny had been turning thigs around, and Torres had begun to find his form with 5 goals in 4 matches, Suarez had been signed, we were looking great amidst the Torres speculation, and then the exact figure of 50M and the Torres transfer request was given here, and again in cryptic and sad fashion, it happened as exactly such..

    That is all... I'm sorry I should never have started this, I hope nothing happens and this thread goes way down and disappears in 2-3 weeks time..