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  • Jason Jason May 10, 2012 13:45 Flag

    Don't Shoot the Messenger..

    Hopefully I've never been one to start any outlandish rumors or stir the pot with anything aside from when I have my own opinion on player(s) or team performances, or what should be done with transfers, so in saying that I'll apologize ahead of time and accept the fact there very well could be some "told you so" to this..

    - About a day before KD was to take over for Roy prior to the Fa Cup match at Old Trafford, we heard about it...

    - About a day before Fernando handed in his transfer request amidst utter chaos in the January Transfer window, we heard about it...

    ** - In approximately 2 weeks, someone is said to be parting ways with the club, Wembley was a prohibitor...

    Not a rumor I'm starting, not something I was happy to hear should be it true, not something that will be very popular should it really happen, I just felt the need to pass it along in the same vein as those previous other 2 pieces of news that similarly, and eerily did follow through..

    I apologize ahead of time if it proves false.. Now back to some better news shall we? Congtats to Luis for winning Player of the Month! Congrats to Skrtel for winning the Golden Samba boot with 85% of the votes, and hopefully soon Player of the year, and just to reiterate, a very well done to the lads for showing up and sending off Anfield in fashion for this campaign. Hope they can finish the job vs a tough Swans side @ Liberty!

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    • I agree Dave.. no matter the fact that I was told it was coming, I did not welcome the news, and felt very sad to hear it come true today.

      I think he did more good than bad, and he will always be held in the highest regard and a legend amongst Liverpool and many other fans. I know he was a hero and legend to many of you, so I am especially sad that I did not get to experience more of his glory had it come..

      But, we have to stick behind the club and the owners and trust that all parties were in agreeance over their vision and whoever comes in is the right man for the job for some time, and one to carry out their visions.


    • They couldn't play together ;o)

    • Well the FA Cup final was on a Sunday and Roy cancelled his pre match conference on the Friday amidst all the Kenny media speculation, it seemed a certainty up to 3-5 days before he actually went. Also, Torres handed in a transfer request on the 28th January then didnt leave until the 31st so that was pretty clear as well. I dont know if the media is a bit slow over there?!

    • Ha it would be grate to get Messi and Ronaldo for Suarez but honestly that sounds so far fetched its untrue and thats putting it lightly......

    • So Jason what you getting at exactly? You implying FSG are about to appoint a manager to replace KD? Or have I read that wrong?

    • I suppose me not answering does equate to stirring the pot, and in that instance I agree, but I don't want to do that, so see Delphi's message below and what he's been claiming for weeKs, that only Wembley prohibiteD "it"

      Yes, Hodgson and Torres were always on the cards, so I should elaborate better..

      The day before the FA Cup tie at Old Trafford, someone said Roy would get the sack and Kenny take over that night before, with no prep and lead the team out... Seemed ridiculously impossible and very cryptic to us all, who were here to read it.. It happened.

      Torres, we all knew he always might want to leave and felt a bit nervous around January, but it just so happened that Kenny had been turning thigs around, and Torres had begun to find his form with 5 goals in 4 matches, Suarez had been signed, we were looking great amidst the Torres speculation, and then the exact figure of 50M and the Torres transfer request was given here, and again in cryptic and sad fashion, it happened as exactly such..

      That is all... I'm sorry I should never have started this, I hope nothing happens and this thread goes way down and disappears in 2-3 weeks time..

    • Hi guys just wondered where your getting this news from? i understand if you dont want to give it away.

      If Kenny does get the bullit in 2 weeks who do you recon will be brought in???


    • Just something most have known for weeks but the last chance went with the FA Cup final loss.

    • I do hope you're wrong about that Jase, I think players and managers need at least 2 seasons to see how their project is properly progressing. Armchair will be sp*nking in his kecks!

      If it is true, I presume they will already have a candidate in place? That candidate will also want assurances about transfer funds as well. I guess we will see!

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      • Loki,
        In a way, I hope it's false information too, it does sadden me to think about it, let alone see it potentially happen since I've said many times, my age obviously never permitted me to see Kenny in his hayday as a player or manager and things were going so great last season and early on this year..

        I'm not trying to stir the pot, but if you wan't to classify it that way, that's fine. I suppose you could think of it this way, if you hear it now and it comes true, you'll maybe feel better you knew, then if it happens and comes as a shock. And if not, I've clearly said you or anyone else can say "told you so" or whatever... I think my history here shows this to be a complete one off, so I'm ok with taking a bullet in being wrong..

        As for discussion, of replacement "IF IF IF" what I heard was true, then I would use my best judgement on behalf of FSG that they have someone(s) in mind... which tends to go along quite seamlessly with Tom Werner's comments in tv interviews here that they're already identifying their summer targets and expect to try and do things quickly, as well as the removal of DC who "did not share the same visions". The dealings of Henry and FSG, here in the states are absolutely cut throat, or as ruthless as can be.. Just bear in mind, KD was sort of a pressured move for them at the time, and perhaps easiest/logical under the circumstances.. Who knows had Roy never been appointed in the first place, or even Rafa gone?

        Would it be completely shocking to anyone if this does happen? I'd have to say on majority, no. Would it be popular or pleasing, I can confidently speak for many and say NO..

        Guess we just wait and see a week or two after the Swans game..

    • This is the clinical definition of 'stirring the pot'. It is also, glaringly obvious that some players will leave so there will be no "told you so" unless you tell us so!