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  • Hobitez Hobitez May 11, 2012 13:32 Flag

    Transfer budget slashed

    I read that story this morning too, its not hugely suprising. Its not as though they are saying we will have £20m or £30m, its just kinda obviously pointing out it will be less then £108m! We needed a whole rebuild before, now we just need a couple of bits. Aurelio, Maxi and Kuyt to leave and like for like upgrades to replace should probably see us improve dramtically.

    I think it is a fair assumption to say that Pepe and Gerrard should improve slightly next year. Suarez and Carroll should score more goals, I think thats pretty fair. Henderson and Downing will have more consistent seasons, all Downing needs do is get 1 goal and 1 assist to improve! Shelvey and Coates will be better for their experiences. Lucas will hopefully be back to his bullet proof self and Charlie Adam will hopefully not endure such a bad injury. I imagine we will see a fair bit of Raheem Sterling too.

    We definitely need to spend money, we have no chance of a title tilt regardless of having £100m invested in my opinion, but we should be at least 12-15 points closer.

    Of course, this article could well be complete bullsh*t and this kind of media might serve us well in terms of stirring the owners.

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    • I thought it's policy of the club not to disclose financial matters? Especially transfers & the transfer budget?

      If true then £30m + sales of players & their wages isn't gonna give us much to rebuild with.

      Certainly not enough to compete in for the C.L.. next season.. unless.. we get some bargains.. Like Newcastle have done and they're already qualified with les of a transfer budget than us..