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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 May 11, 2012 16:53 Flag

    Transfer budget slashed

    Loki, take a closer read of the article and you'll see its really not saying anything.

    Basically it’s saying the owners have decided to not put in close 100M, which happens to be our total spend last summer. But considering the owners did not put in 100M, and more than two thirds of that number was generated from player sales, of course the owners are not going to be stumping up a 100M.

    My prediction, hope, expectation call it what you will is that the owners will put in about what they did last year or maybe a little more. That means somewhere in the 30-40M range. Anything on top of that will be raised from player sales, but while we do have some players we all think might leave and therefore generate some transfer money, its nothing like what we had last year. We don't have another Torres to sell, so the overall spending is never going to reach the heights it did last year.

    To be honest I read these types of articles and just wonder what the press is doing. Are they having fun with the numbers and deliberately trying to be mislead readers and create some controversy from nothing, or is your average journo really so thick he does not understand what he's writing.

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