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  • Loki Loki May 11, 2012 12:59 Flag

    Transfer budget slashed

    According to the papers, Kenny will be staying (good), but there's not gonna be much of a transfer kitty (my worst nightmare).

    Now pinch of salt and all that, but if it's true, then we are royally b*llocksed and we have yet more owners who are full of cr@p!

    I've said it before, if the owners want us to get into the CL, then they have to splash out! Players will look at what Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea (maybe Newcastle) and of course both Manc clubs invest in their squads and think 'What is the point of going to Liverpool?' and I wouldn't blame them. Some of our existing players might have a few thoughts about pastures new too. We need to be seen to be investing for both now and the future, or welcome to the land of permanent mid-table boys!

    Plus, they would expect @rseholes like me to be forking out over a grand a year to carry on going to the game.

    I really hope this is just paper talk, but when I read it is sent a shiver of dread through me.

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    • Stewart Downing the invincible
      Greatest player to wear the LFC jersey
      Price : 20 million pounds
      Games: 36
      Assists: 0
      Goals: 0

      Need i say more why the owners dont trust the king with their money

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      • In all fairness to Downing. Our midfield isn't very good. We lack a creative midfielder to supply Downing without that supply Downing can't provide the crosses needed.. Also we need strikers who can latch on to Downing's crosses.. We've no one good enough yet..

        Bring in the right people and we start to play in seperate units.. ie. The defenders defend as a unit then clear the ball to the midfielders then the midfielders work as a unit and supply the strikers..

        Much of the time we've played as if players, were strangers to each other, rather than members of the same team.

      • have a look at my article. What yo say is true to a point. Look a bit deeper and there may be some promise.

    • Our mistake was not having enough quality in depth..

      We should've had enough players if we had better deals.

      Incidently people go on about Carroll costing us £35m actually he didn't.

      We were £15m in credit on that deal. so thats what he only cost in effect.

    • Well what do you expect, owners to hand out more freebies so KD can go out and spend it all on average players !
      Slashed budgets are exactly what i thought would happen and i am not surprised.

      I think this is Kennys last chance to get the team on top 4 and if he fails again this term I think FSG would sack him. He has spent well and for all the people who sees through rosey eyed vision including yourself that said that this lot will come good and need time to Gel !! well next season should be a good test then and then we shall see if Kenny's purchases are bearing fruits or not

    • I said as much months ago. But never mind Dalglish says too much credence is put on getting in the top four because of the money. Well now he knows why. Plus under the fairplay rules owners cannot put their hands into unearned funds by the club. So it's simple, years of stagnation and nobody with the foresight to get a bigger/new stadium until it's too late. Poor buys by several managers especially Houllier have wasted millions along with manager payoffs. All mean 8th place and no CL money. There needs to be a clear out of players this season for basic money and replacements will cost a lot more.

    • Loki, take a closer read of the article and you'll see its really not saying anything.

      Basically it’s saying the owners have decided to not put in close 100M, which happens to be our total spend last summer. But considering the owners did not put in 100M, and more than two thirds of that number was generated from player sales, of course the owners are not going to be stumping up a 100M.

      My prediction, hope, expectation call it what you will is that the owners will put in about what they did last year or maybe a little more. That means somewhere in the 30-40M range. Anything on top of that will be raised from player sales, but while we do have some players we all think might leave and therefore generate some transfer money, its nothing like what we had last year. We don't have another Torres to sell, so the overall spending is never going to reach the heights it did last year.

      To be honest I read these types of articles and just wonder what the press is doing. Are they having fun with the numbers and deliberately trying to be mislead readers and create some controversy from nothing, or is your average journo really so thick he does not understand what he's writing.

    • Herps, i think you and many other LFC fans need to honestly look at it another way.

      i see what your saying about splash the cash and get into the CL, but to be fair, you finished what 7th last season, likely the same this, and spent £125M on new players, ok ok, forget the NET spend for a minute, the fact was you spent that money on new players.................and you havent got in the CL positions

      was it enough........yes, it probably was , but the performances werent enough, not the spending power....think about that.

      I suggest any longterm view, responsible owners will look at it and think, a few smaller stepping stones over the next year or 2, creep up the league and then, only then, have that final push for CL spots, by spending big again, when the time is right

      i dont see it is at the minute, pitch performances need to improve, for this to happen, and that will only happen when you have a settled squad by them playing together, with a sprinkle of old heads and new talent, the rest just need to work harder...including Dogleash.

      he needs to nurture those new signings, blood some youth and then as you get up to 6th/5th hammer home the final nail for 4th slot and above
      That isnt going to happen in one season
      Know your place at the minute, its about right, work hard, be patient.............then after 2 more seasons you'll be back on it.

      Only my view lad....!!!

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      • Sean, what is going on, two posts of yours today I'm agreeing with!

        I think your on the mark, the owners were never going to splash big money to try and buy the league quickly like City (and quickly was 4 years). But were planning steps, and investing the gains as we achieved each step.

        If we'd got top 4 this season we'd have seen a bigger investment, as we'd have guaranteed revenue, so maybe start pushing toward a challenge. But we did not, so it’s more a baby step of investing what we get from Europa league money to start getting if not into the top 4, closer to it.

      • I think your more or less right, you cant just throw money at it non stop, yes we still need to tinker but players that young take time to gel, thats just how it is!

      • the article certainly concerned me a bit too, on two levels.

        Firstly a slashed transfer budget when it's obvious we need some changes.

        Secondly and this is my main concern. How did the rag get hold of the story? As Loki suggests it could prove damaging as players will look at it and think that yet again Liverpool are in financial turmoil. Avoid like the plague.

        Perhaps a slashed transfer kitty is not a bad thing. Still plenty of dead wood to clear and that may generate enough to pick up a clever signing or two. Recent history suggests we won't though.

        As I've said it's the fact the story came out that bothers me most. The source needs to be found and cut loose. That's presuming there's truth to the story

      • Are you all right fella? you've come over all sensible all of a sudden.

      • Sensible post sean.

    • This is pretty much what I expected.

      I don't have a problem with it.Sell to buy, create space on the wage bill to invest and wait for FFP.

      Don't over leverage, when our match day revenues are a fraction of those above us.

    • I read that story this morning too, its not hugely suprising. Its not as though they are saying we will have £20m or £30m, its just kinda obviously pointing out it will be less then £108m! We needed a whole rebuild before, now we just need a couple of bits. Aurelio, Maxi and Kuyt to leave and like for like upgrades to replace should probably see us improve dramtically.

      I think it is a fair assumption to say that Pepe and Gerrard should improve slightly next year. Suarez and Carroll should score more goals, I think thats pretty fair. Henderson and Downing will have more consistent seasons, all Downing needs do is get 1 goal and 1 assist to improve! Shelvey and Coates will be better for their experiences. Lucas will hopefully be back to his bullet proof self and Charlie Adam will hopefully not endure such a bad injury. I imagine we will see a fair bit of Raheem Sterling too.

      We definitely need to spend money, we have no chance of a title tilt regardless of having £100m invested in my opinion, but we should be at least 12-15 points closer.

      Of course, this article could well be complete bullsh*t and this kind of media might serve us well in terms of stirring the owners.

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      • I thought it's policy of the club not to disclose financial matters? Especially transfers & the transfer budget?

        If true then £30m + sales of players & their wages isn't gonna give us much to rebuild with.

        Certainly not enough to compete in for the C.L.. next season.. unless.. we get some bargains.. Like Newcastle have done and they're already qualified with les of a transfer budget than us..