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  • Turkey_Slapper Turkey_Slapper May 13, 2012 18:16 Flag

    So what we reckon lads??

    Maybe we can swap KD for Mancini !
    then the king can go over there and do his wee bit of magic.

    ok seriously, we need a new manager. Just dont feel KD will get things in order next season.

    New players ..If its true that CIty wants to get rid of fringe players then we can pick up some quality like Kolo Toure, even Adebayor if Tottenham dont sign him. Also Mat Jervis.

    I think we will need another 3-4 players atleast because of the extra number of games we will be playing

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    • I agree KD won't won't do it for us his style is old school.. It suited the 80's but not today's football.

      This season is proof of that.. Otherwise we'd not have finished below Everton !!!

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      • Armchair, Swapping Reina for Hart is a crazy demand one i would not want to see.

        City have the upper hand and i think they will not sell their fringe players to another team in the top 4 ! wait...we are in 8th.. ya why not they might.

        said this a 100 times, Kd just dosent look like he is going to succeed at Lfc, theres couple of idiots on this board that will keep on saying KD deserve "At Least" couple of seasons..they will be saying the same thing end of next season even if KD fails again.
        these idiots will use Uniteds anology that SAf didnt win anything the first 7 seasons.. woop woop ! the game has moved on since then just because they havent

    • A Johnson would be a good option maybe swap Reina for Hart?

      Pick up some of their fringe players too..

      We need a striker too and there's one been touted many times on this board and others.. Supposedly a friend of Suarez & Coates.

      I dunno if that'll be any bearing? Supposedly £24m is is asking price.. I'm guessing that'll shoot up if we don't make a down payment for him?

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      • SERIOUSLY?

        Seriously??? Swap Reina for Hart.... SERIOUSLY?

        The league champions are going to swap the best keeper in the Prem, Gold Glove Winner, 17 clean sheets 22 years old, arguably 2nd or 3rd best keeper in the world for Reina after the sub par season he's had in addition to... SERIOUSLY?

        I've literally and figuratively heard it all... you must be drunk 24 hours a day, or have a butterfly iv line of morphine dripping into your jugular vein to have come up with that.. that has to take the cake.. and the frosting too