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  • mel n mel n May 14, 2012 02:15 Flag

    THERE IS A GOD !!!

    After 90 minutes on Sunday, every Man United fan was in 7th heaven. 5 minutes later they were all in the depths of despair and sorrow.

    Brilliant !

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    • LADS...lets just keep quoting THE RESULT OF THE CENTURY at them...MAN UNITURD 1 CITEH 6 !!! !!! @Old Toilet !!! !!!

    • Agree Mel, it was funny stuff.

      The funny thing was the number of United fans who were celebrating bagging title number 20 weeks, if noth months ago! (including a number of regular p1sstakers on here).

      Call it triumphalism.... disrespect..... arrogance..... whatever! The fact it was their 'noisy neighbours' makes it even funnier, and no doubt makes Fergie and all their fans even more sour than if it was anyone else.

      Have to say though, fair dos to United for pushing it to the end. Losing it in 'Fergie time' will ring home for them, just like the way they pinched big ears from under Bayern's nose back in 99....

    • uniteds financial figure do mark startling reading but when you really look at them they should be frightening for everyone else.

      The debt interest payments are easily manageable such is the revenue generated by the brand. If United ever float on teh stock market or get the debt wiped out all that spare cash will be available for more growth, the team and development of the brand. That's a frightening thought.

      Even if and when FFP kicks in and let's say it's strictly policed the United will be in a very powerful position indeed. More so than City (at this time) who are reliant on payouts and sponsorship deals to keep them afloat. Can they grow the City brand to rival United's is a big question?

      Football all the way down to grass roots, at the end of the day is all about winning trophies. Perhaps the little'uns should focus on just playing but it's trophies that count everywhere else. It's shame that CL qualificaton has skewed that view. Ok it gives you an opportunity at the big one but qualification is only financial success and that seems a little wrong. Although you cannot argue against the draw and success that the CL has and is becoming.

    • I asked the question,weather your club would like to challenge for the Prem again(of course you would),but got the usual anti-Man U dribble,but i suppose that goes with the territory.

      O.k..i would prefer 2 place,(on goal difference)with C/L position rather than the carling cup,but like you say it's silverware,so well done.

      I like to think Utd buy their players with their turnover(hardly from the glaziers), same as your club,sugar daddies are a quick fix & not sustainable for a club to progress properly.IMHO.

      As you say city will only inflate everything,so fans of clubs pay more to keep up,It's not the game for me.

    • Ah, yeah see it now, i didnt read all the way up
      so what is he on about, i mean getting 1 wrong is ok, but 3 ...hahahahhah

      Gob, Brain......engage

    • Its already on my list Sean. 28M and a British transfer record in 2002, only to be surpassed a year later by Rio Ferdinand for 29M.

    • Typical Eric
      factless & Clueless

      i'd add Juan Seb Veron to that list too, if someone could confirm it.......

    • Seven - In addition to what Dave said £27 mil for Rooney - the highest transfer for a teenager.

    • Personally I put a lot of the blame on Fergie. Talk to a Man U supporter who's been around longer and actually supported them before 1986 or even before they won their first prem title and you get a much more balanced response. They know that football can be both cruel as well as kind, and that supporting your club means doing so in both good times and bad.

      Additionally SAF seems to have built up this siege mentality that so many of their supporters buy into. Its very George Bush, you’re either for us or against us, hence the term ABU. Seems most current united supporters think anyone who does not support them, does not support any other club, just anyone but united.

    • Dave, all very laudable and reasonable but unlikely to cut much ice with any "glory, glory (it´s our right) Man United" supporter I fear. And, before any of them howl me down on here, yes, there are those Liverpool supporters who share the same feelings.

      Sure, we all support our teams but scathing comments from either group involving "history so ours by right" remarks leave every other premiership team supporter in no man´s land by their way of it.

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