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  • Colyn Colyn May 16, 2012 08:22 Flag

    THERE IS A GOD !!!

    uniteds financial figure do mark startling reading but when you really look at them they should be frightening for everyone else.

    The debt interest payments are easily manageable such is the revenue generated by the brand. If United ever float on teh stock market or get the debt wiped out all that spare cash will be available for more growth, the team and development of the brand. That's a frightening thought.

    Even if and when FFP kicks in and let's say it's strictly policed the United will be in a very powerful position indeed. More so than City (at this time) who are reliant on payouts and sponsorship deals to keep them afloat. Can they grow the City brand to rival United's is a big question?

    Football all the way down to grass roots, at the end of the day is all about winning trophies. Perhaps the little'uns should focus on just playing but it's trophies that count everywhere else. It's shame that CL qualificaton has skewed that view. Ok it gives you an opportunity at the big one but qualification is only financial success and that seems a little wrong. Although you cannot argue against the draw and success that the CL has and is becoming.