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    Roberto Martinez

    There are plenty of media rumors linking Roberto to LFC.

    There is no question abut the Spaniard's impact on lesser teams. He left a great legacy at Swansea, where they still play a good style. The humble Wigan, under pressure, outplayed the likes of MU, LFC, Arsenal, Newcastle and Chelsea, so a little credit on his behalf is more than due.

    I like his ball-on-the-ground philosophy, and his belief in progressing the ball with simple triangulations. He is personable, likable, charismatic, and a great tactician!

    After our pathetic season performance, I am expecting that our American owners would want to shake things a little bit, and if KK is offered another job at the club, I would love to see Roberto Martinez leading us into the feature. He lacks European pedigree, but he has more than proven that he knows how to beat the best teams in the EPL.

    Any opinions?

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    • Liverpool or Villa. No Contest. However Skyrtel is going down the Lancs as L'Escott is seen as a weakness. Reina looking at Arsenal or Spurs.

    • Isn't Martinez going to Villa? Thats what I heard..

    • I did tell you. But I did say announced Monday. however I failed to take into account USA trip and time zones. Dalglish was a hero and should never have come back and blacken his name. Results in the league were bad but stating league position was over rated was very foolish in this business day and age. I won't repeat other criticisms. Moyes would be a favourite but would not cross the city. Martinez is the PL favourite although Pardew is admired. Capello is not in the running.

    • I'll try to ignore the "pathetic season" comment as I'd think a better adjective would be disappointing league finish despite some improvement in performances.

      Personally I think Kenny is due at least one more season to see if the plans he put in motion, which were never designed to produce instant results can bear fruit. But of course it’s not my decision, or opinion that matters, but that of FSG so from a purely theoretical standpoint, if FSG were looking to make a change I’d personally like Martinez.

      He's consistently done well despite minimal resources, plays an attractive style of football that gets results, and one other thing I don't think anyone has mentioned, he also has a keen eye for talent and has brought a number of unknown, or relatively unknown players to the prem who've proven successful. While he seems to be a very good man manager at least part of his success seems to be that over the last several years he's had at least one player no one else really knew much about step up and perform and help them yet again escape the drop. Unfortunately for Wigan, that player has often been wanted then by other clubs, and Wigan does not have the financial strength to hold on to their best players.

      However on the negative side, he's also proven a slow starter in the prem which would be a real worry as we need to get going from the start if we want to push on up the league table. His best seems always reserved for the last 3rd of the season, which for us would be too late. It maybe that he's always putting together a new team, and it takes more than half a season to get them to gel and really perform, but to a certain extent that is what he'd be expected to do if he came to us, and not getting it right till March would not cut it.

      But that is my second concern. While personally I have a lot of respect for Martinez, while I think the majority of reds are smart enough to know we're still rebuilding and if we did change managers it would take some time for them to get the best from the existing squad, as well as any new additions, I'm sure this board would quickly become intolerable. The need for instant success from some here is worse that Roman's private box at Stamford Bridge. So any manager especially a manager like Martinez, who tries to set up his team the right way and is patient in getting the best out of his players, would be condemned as a failure not long after he'd got his feet under the new desk at Melwood.

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      • Martinez ?...no thankyou. Bring back Kenny....NOW !!!

      • I like Martinez but its always skin of the teeth stuff at Wigan. Personally I would prefer Rogers because of his footballing education, spending 5 years or so in Spain at various clubs learning how they do things (inc. Barca apparently). He knows how to implement tiki-taka and we've seen that it can work in the EPL.

        As is the problem with managers at so-called lesser clubs, what would they do when they have a lot more of a budget? They're so used to scraping by, and that is probably the biggest challenge for a manager moving to a bigger club.

        I hope all this speculation about Kenny getting the sack is rubbish though. Like you say, he should have at least one more season to see if his project can finally get off the ground in the league.

      • You raise some valuable points there DSteer..

        Yes many of us are impatient for success. Thats only because it's been so damn long since we've won any titles.

        However I'd think we'd be stupid to expect to win the title in one season with a lot of new players who've come in, and who've never played together before.

        Yes it'll be tough for a new manager to come in and create their own team and style then have people expect instant success. The LFC job carries great expectation as well as good rewards.

        I'll be curious as to what FSG decide to do in the next few weeks ..

      • Well you gotta look at where has the team being going since Benitez's final season in charge, and the team has been going backwards, yeah all well and good winning the carling cup by the width of the posts, but progression is key, there is no sign that finally in the 20 years since the inception of the premier league, Liverpool would shed their "cup team" status.....best chance in 2009 was squandered due to the huge amount of draws...lack of strength in depth...the usual criticism...

        Look at the effect Harry had Tottenham, they were in the relegation zone, when he took over, and the transformation has been rapid....Liverpool meanwhile from Benitez's final season till now, have fallen of the pace....

    • The WRONG appointment, end of the day he's a Roy Hodgson Mark 2, in the sense that yeah he's done all well and good at clubs such as Swansea and Wigan, but I think the LFC job requires someone with more "stature" a BIGGER name, and I'd say FSG can't go wrong without looking at LOUIS VAN GAAL, FRANK RIJKAARD, and FABIO CAPPELLO...

      You can't get them, then maybe take a gamble on Martinez but to think he'll end up being the next Pep Guardiola is a long-shot..

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      • Raaj you're so far off the mark imo fella.

        perhaps Martinez isn't the right appointment but I wouldn't give any of your other suggestions much hope either.

        Capello would probably bring you Italian defensive football.
        Rijkaard would probably fall out with FSG and is totally unproven IMO. He walked into that Barcelona role after all the hard work was done in the background by the likes of Cruyff etc.

        I like what Martinez has done so far with theclubs he's been at. Swansea are a credit to the Premier League and what he's done there. Every year he seems to create a miracle at Wigan but agree with Dsteer that it seems to always come late.

        If I had another criticism. Perhaps he's a bit too nice?? Sometimes you need that little bit of an abrasive edge and quick wit to stave off the likes of Fergy when he will undoubtably have a little pop here and there. Hodgson failed miserably on that front and was doomed thereafter.

    • He'd be an interesting appointment..

      Just hope it wouldn't be another Hodgson..ie bringing in a mid table manager.. who then would then probably keep us as one? Or with our resources maybe he'd be much better?

      I'm in 2 minds on this one..