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  • Colyn Colyn May 15, 2012 08:51 Flag

    Dalglish & Clarke in Boston

    It appears Dalglish and Clarke are in Boston for discussions with FSG.

    Assume what you will.

    I'd just like Jason to pop round and put a glass to the wall and tell us what's going on.

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    • I would assume if they have been summoned across the water that they are not being sacked.


    • I think its a good thing that this meeting is happening so promptly at the end of the season. Surely its a case of reviewing the season, what went wrong and why, what was good and how we can improve. I am sure they are discussing budgets and transfer strategies too. Off course, they could be sacking him too so one way or another it will be a 'back him or sack him!'

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      • With his much greater knowledge of the workings of FSG, Jason might disagree but, if I were JH and co, I think I might be delivering something like this:-

        "Kenny, Steve, hear what you are saying. This is the deal. Limited transfer funds this summer and we want a top four finish.Look like failing by christmas and its the sack. If you feel you can deliver, carry on. If not, then we´ll accept a resignation in the interests of the club´s progress and you can walk away with some dignity intact. Your call"

        Or maybe it will be the sack now? I think not considering they went to America and not the other way around.

    • L.F.C. are refusing to confirm the Kenny is still manager.. i think he has gone..?

    • Presumably the phone is being answered by an answering service temp at the moment. The owners are in America, the manager and deputy are in America, the director of something or other and the head of PR have been sacked, and Joe Cole's still out on loan. So I wouldn't be surprised if you phoned up LFC and asked whoever answers the phone whether Dalglish is still in charge, the answer couldn't be anything other than "buggered if I know".


    • What is this other guy on?!!!!! LFC cant confirm he is still the manager?!?! What a load of poop.

    • No idea bud. Big talk of Kennys resignation / sacking now. All getting out of control at the minute.

      It'll get to the point that a scandal will be created cause someone got up to go to the toilet

    • No Miguel it could not wait. We need to get business done pronto this summer, made all the more difficult by the Euros and the Olympics. Its a shame this review couldnt have happened on Sunday night!

    • I would think it quite normal over the next week or so that every league manager will be asked to sit down with their chairman and provide a frank report about the season, and set expectations going forward.

      The fact our owners happen to be based in Boston meaning KD and SC have to get on a plane mean nothing versus a manager who can just drive across town to have the same conversation.

      I'd actually be more worried for any club who did not have face to face meetings between manager and chairman, and instead did it via phone or with an intermediary.

    • I agree there is a real urgency, so glad we have owners, who would rather talk now rather than later, unlike our dithering board of years past.

      Scenario 1 - Kenny is sacked or asked to resign. Conversation happens now giving everyone time to install a replacement and have him recruit who he needs.

      Scenario 2 - Kenny stays, tells the owners the good the bad and the ugly of the past season, tells them what he needs, and they start now trying to give him what he asks for, rather than waiting till everyone’s had a nice holiday in the sun, or dithered around with the Euro's and Olympics.

      Personally recon the 2nd scenario is more likely, but even if the first, better done quickly than drag it out.

    • From what I had gathered from more 'reliable' sources is that Kenny wasnt ordered out to the states, more so that he requested a prompter meeting. It seems his holiday is booked for tomorrow with his wife. I dont know what that means but its safe to say 'he' wanted something sorted quickly rather then enduring endless media mumblings.

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