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  • Hobitez Hobitez May 15, 2012 09:44 Flag

    Dalglish & Clarke in Boston

    I think its a good thing that this meeting is happening so promptly at the end of the season. Surely its a case of reviewing the season, what went wrong and why, what was good and how we can improve. I am sure they are discussing budgets and transfer strategies too. Off course, they could be sacking him too so one way or another it will be a 'back him or sack him!'

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    • With his much greater knowledge of the workings of FSG, Jason might disagree but, if I were JH and co, I think I might be delivering something like this:-

      "Kenny, Steve, hear what you are saying. This is the deal. Limited transfer funds this summer and we want a top four finish.Look like failing by christmas and its the sack. If you feel you can deliver, carry on. If not, then we´ll accept a resignation in the interests of the club´s progress and you can walk away with some dignity intact. Your call"

      Or maybe it will be the sack now? I think not considering they went to America and not the other way around.

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      • Hi Miguel,

        Just seeing this one now, and my name mentioned. Wish I could say that I knew them personally, hopefully one day soon, but really in looking at what you suggested they could have said/done... Couldn't have happened..

        Nobody could work properly under those type of conditions, employee or boss... It would be walking on egg shells, and just very uncomfortable.

        Though I was told he was done, before he boarded that flight, I was hesitant to proclaim it as fact, and thought it would be a clear, "you're staying" or "you're going".. Nothing in the middle with if's and maybes..

        I recently had a great friend/co-worker been given terms along the lines of what you mentioned and improving performance over a given period of time, or he faced termination. It was a horrible piece of knowledge for him, us and created a terrible working environment and ended sad, and messy.

        I'm still very sad Kenny's gone, and wish he had done some things differently which I feel would have kept him completely out of this situation, but I think from what I've read, he respects the decision, how it was handled and probably would have preferred that it was clear cut..

      • I think Miguel has it more or less spot-on. If I was Kenny though, I would want to push the transfer budget up. Instead of having money and then fitting the players coming in around it, we should have a list of targets and then an appraisal of how much its going to cost.

      • Thank god for all our sakes you arent the owner then! If you suggest that we should keep Kenny but give him no money or get a new man and give him loads as your 2 paths to go down it actually means, you only have 1 path to go down. A statement to the manager such as you suggested is in fact a request to resign and an insult to boot.

        I am of the support Kenny team although I can understand clearly that its a realistic proposition to fire him. 'If' we keep him on as manager then you have to back him with money otherwise there is no point. If you cant trust your manager completely, you need a new one.