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  • Colyn Colyn May 15, 2012 08:51 Flag

    Dalglish & Clarke in Boston

    It appears Dalglish and Clarke are in Boston for discussions with FSG.

    Assume what you will.

    I'd just like Jason to pop round and put a glass to the wall and tell us what's going on.

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    • I would assume if they have been summoned across the water that they are not being sacked.


    • I would think it quite normal over the next week or so that every league manager will be asked to sit down with their chairman and provide a frank report about the season, and set expectations going forward.

      The fact our owners happen to be based in Boston meaning KD and SC have to get on a plane mean nothing versus a manager who can just drive across town to have the same conversation.

      I'd actually be more worried for any club who did not have face to face meetings between manager and chairman, and instead did it via phone or with an intermediary.

    • I think its a good thing that this meeting is happening so promptly at the end of the season. Surely its a case of reviewing the season, what went wrong and why, what was good and how we can improve. I am sure they are discussing budgets and transfer strategies too. Off course, they could be sacking him too so one way or another it will be a 'back him or sack him!'

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      • With his much greater knowledge of the workings of FSG, Jason might disagree but, if I were JH and co, I think I might be delivering something like this:-

        "Kenny, Steve, hear what you are saying. This is the deal. Limited transfer funds this summer and we want a top four finish.Look like failing by christmas and its the sack. If you feel you can deliver, carry on. If not, then we´ll accept a resignation in the interests of the club´s progress and you can walk away with some dignity intact. Your call"

        Or maybe it will be the sack now? I think not considering they went to America and not the other way around.

    • Jason here...

      Sorry mates, not much time today, have to catch a flight soon but I'll check in when I can.

      What I do know for "fact" is that Kenny was in Boston to give us his end of the season review, which is a standard practice for FSG. Obviously, regardless of which side of the "progress" fence you stand on, this one carries more weight than most.

      Kenny has since left Boston, (believed to be with Clarke as well) and is now back in the UK, and has 100% as of this moment NOT stepped down as manager nor been sacked..again, as of this moment.

      The news here in NY, and where my friend/co founder of our website lives, in Boston, travels extremely fast and truthfully, and as of this moment, all that is known is FSG are expected to make some sort of statement within 24 hours, perhaps as soon as this afternoon/evening depending where you are.

      It could be good, it could be bad... it could be anything. Only FSG, LFC and Kenny know... If you want to believe what was said earlier in other threads and posters, there was talk he would be asked to leave.. you could assume that, or you could assume he's staying.. I wouldn't really lose any time or sleep over it at this point because what's done is done..

      I really don't want to give a personal opinion on this matter because the only credible source I had with some sort of knowledge sounded bad, but this was weeks ago, as for today.. I just don't know.

      Kenny is home and is LFC manager as it stands....

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      • Oh, just want to add one thing, though this does not give my personal opinion on the matter one way or the other on what's happened or may happen, but need throw cold water all over the assumption they wouldn't fly 10,000 miles to get sacked theory...

        Henry, Werner and co., have flown 10,000 miles several times the past 18 months for very short trips, sometimes just 1-2 days, and being the owners it's fair to say they shouldn't or wouldn't have to fly 10,000 miles to deliver the sack, nor would it be appropriate to do it over the phone unless it was some terrible situation with all sorts of unrest, which it's not.

        Someone had to fly somewhere.. the owner or the employee, which makes more sense? Again, this does not signify anything, just giving food for thought in regards to that theory..

    • I've a feeling that had we had Abramovich as owner. He wouldn't be dithering..

      He'd most likely see the season as a failure and would sack Commolli & Dalgish together..

      Seems quite apparent this season has been a disaster.

      Aside from the C. Cup..

      If FSG feel KD over spent on Henderson, Carroll & Downing then how can they trust KD?

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      • Would you honestly want Abramovich as an owner? I'm not so sure myself. Ok he's lifted Chelsea into a position where they can and have won trophies but on the face of it the future looks a bit bleak to me unless Abramovich wants to pile even more money in.

        It doesn't sit right with me that the marks of Chelsea's succes are Terry, Lampard, Drogba and a few others. Yes they should be remembered and applauded but what happens as they start to decline? The management, club set up, ideals and philosophies are all lost or don't even exist.

    • No Miguel it could not wait. We need to get business done pronto this summer, made all the more difficult by the Euros and the Olympics. Its a shame this review couldnt have happened on Sunday night!

    • What is this other guy on?!!!!! LFC cant confirm he is still the manager?!?! What a load of poop.

    • Hardly a strained relationship is it?

    • L.F.C. are refusing to confirm the Kenny is still manager.. i think he has gone..?

    • Robert granted it’s been a while since I worked for a business in the UK, so maybe I just have too much of an American outlook here, although, as the owners are American maybe that is the correct outlook for this situation.

      Bottom line FSG or any owner cannot be sentimental about who they have working for them. They want results. They are willing to invest to get those results, and don't really care who the manager is so long as he's in their view the best man for the job.
      If they trust Kenny they will back him, if they don't they will dispose of him. This middle ground of we're not sure so we're going to keep you but not back you makes no sense.

      If you ran a business or had a position of budgetary responsibility and you did not meet your targets I'm sure you'd have a sit down with the owner or boss sooner or later. He'd want to know why you did not meet your targets, and what are your plans are to do better going forward. If they accepted your reasons for the missed targets and felt you had a good plan going forward they’d back you. If they did not, they'd find someone better to replace you with. But why they'd keep someone they did not think had done a good job, are not sure can do a good job going forward, would be a recipe for disaster, even more so if they deliberately decided to cut your budget as well.

      There is a saying here, and I'm sure it’s used over there. Don't throw good money after bad. If that is the case Kenny is gone. But then there is another saying, double down. If that is the case Kenny stays, and he gets what he asks for, or as close as FSG feels they can responsibly afford. Your suggestion implies throwing just a little good money after bad. Is that a new British expression I'm not aware of?

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