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  • Raaj Raaj May 15, 2012 20:36 Flag

    Its obvious....about Kenny

    ...They won't sack him, like Mark Lawrenson said he probably did just about enough for another shot at it, by winning the carling cup..getting the team into 2 finals etc....he didn't meet the 4th place objective, but if they WERE to sack him they would have done so by now, but the fact that he's flown back still the LFC manager goes to show he's still in the job....

    My preference would be to get him out and bring Cappello in, he'd sort the slackers from the one who REALLY want to play for the club, despite his england record, look what he's done at AC and Real...

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    • I didn't mean it like that Robert.

      Chelsea have done remarkably well considering that the players that have been bought have been done so under the tenure of several different managers. They are a mish mash of players many of which suit different styles of play but somehow people have managed to make them work. To a point anyway. As the senior players slow down and are phased out the mish mash gets clearer to see and they start to look more disjointed. Then Romoan needs to dip deeper and so on. That's the point I'm trying to make. All of these interim managers haven't really been able of given the opportunity to define Chelsea in their own way.

      It's a strategy that's worked for Chelsea but I don't know how it will ultimately fit within the FFP rules.

    • Is it a concern that we have some great players and one day they will retire? Not really. It's not a falling over the cliff thing. They will go slowly and over several years rather than all at once. We have replacements and we'll get more. Cahill will gradually take over from Terry, our midfield is more about Mata and Ramires than Lampard, and Drogba only gets wheeled out for the finals these days. Apparently there's some Spanish bloke who might take over from him if Sturridge and Lukaku aren't up to it.

      Chelsea isn't a club following a clear direction? Well, we must have rather haphazardly won the cup and arrived in Munich on Saturday. I can live with that. Certainly the direction we have gone in the league in the last two seasons is clear. As is yours.


    • Obviously Abramovich feels he can afford it otherwise he wouldn't pump money in would he?

    • Hi Robert

      yes I've noticed the change but isn't it a little bit of a cocern that the you are still very reliant on Lampard, Terry and co. Rightly so they've got many a result for Chelsea but I can't the alleged rant when Cole and Lampard were left out by AVB. Someone will have to make that decision soon and it seems that any of the squad consider the manager to be a temporary fixture.

      i just get the impression that Chelsea seem to be a mix of people put togther by many people (including Abramovich) rather than a club following a clear direction. However it has obviously worked up to now, perhaps to a different extent this year though

    • You haven't been watching. Chelsea have released numerous older players in the last few years and replaced with younger.

      Drogba may or may not leave after Saturday but Terry and Lampard and Cole probably have a couple or more seasons left in them. Their continued fitness certainly appears better than Gerrard's. Beyond that we have a big strong squad with some years to retirement and plenty of young players.

      Which isn't to say that Big brother won't carry on splashing out on players who take his fancy but there is no urgency to replace older players.


    • You also need to factor in the cost of change. I think Abramovich has spent in excess of £70m in manager changes at Chelsea. He now has to invest heavily in the team (again) as the likes of Terry, Lampard etc. all reach the end of their careers and slow down.

      With a constant change in managers they've not been able to plan and implement this slowly over a sustained period. It will be one big hit when they decide its time rather than a manager.

      How much did it cost Chelsea for 6 months of AVB? It'll make you poo your pants

    • At last, another one who has sussed Armchair !

    • I do support the team and the club.. Ok yes I know we won't win the league overnight..

      I'm not stupid..

      As for me getting my wish.. It'll have nothing to do with me.. this is purely KD's doing and the decision of FSG..

      It's a moronic thing to say about me getting my wish.

      Also if the next manager isn't up to par then FSG will decide on that too..

      You talk about "mangers won't wanna come here" well Chelsea sack mangers like no tomorrow yet they still manage to find someone..

    • Well it seems that FSG won't back KD..according to this..

      In which case he'll be gone.. so either they back him or sack him.. I don't get why they'tre delaying?

      Either let the man know he's in a job or don't.. either way he needs to know so the club can move on..

    • Supposedly FSG "are concerned that Daglish overspent on Henderson, Downing & Carroll, and are reluctant to hand Daglish a war chest in the summer to rebuild the squad".

      If thats so that tells me they don't trust Daglish. So why then keep a mananger they don't trust?

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