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  • Loki Loki May 16, 2012 01:06 Flag

    Is Kenny being Selfish ?

    Why should he step aside when he feels he is the best person to move the club forward?

    This summer is not a test of Kenny - it's a test of the Americans. They need to put their money in their @rse pockets to buy real quality such as Huntelaar, and they need to move definitively on the stadium - they've had nearly 2 years now. If these two things don't happen, to me they are only marginally better than the cattle rapist and his little puppet.

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    • Loki I find myself only agreeing with the last sentence. I have never favoured American owners since they are all Paupers these days and simply can not compete with Sheikhs and Oligarchs.

      Then again, I thing they are good owners, who most likely dont have the finance to build a stadium and intentions were always to build staidum through sponsors. That is why they are looking at naming rights and sponsors to build this stadium. WHy should someone sponsor a mid table team in buiding a new stadium?? so they can have their brand shown on Carling cup matches ?? and not on the much larger audience of Champions League ? This is the main reason i feel they havent found sponsors yet

      Kenny has really F*cked up things for the owners by failing to qualify for CL. Which means no extra revenue for stadium or attracting investors for stadium.

      If you had a rich owner, CL football revenue wouldnt have mattered to build new stadium and they would have dipped in their pocket as we even have a approved area to build on. Then again they wouldnt have put up with KD and would want mucher bigger names managing the club.
      The current owners just can not afford to not be in CL.

      Most people who get the sack i am sure they think they are still the right man for the job. Kenny as a human being is no different. But my earlier point is that its his ego in not moving aside as he will be potrayed as someone who couldnt achieve the objective, He has always claimed no one is bigger then the club..and if he is truly not moving aside as per media reports and going againts the owners with an attitude of "Back me or Sack me" then he is being hypocritical in his motto of no one is bigger then the club

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      • All speculation I suspect and surprise suprise a UK tabloid is putting their spin on the 1+1 and coming up with 7.

        If there's something to be said ten there will be an announcement. Otherwise it'll all be quiet.

      • Turkey I agree with what you're saying ..

        Especially with KD not making things better for us. We need to be in the C.L if we want the sponsors..Also I share your conserns about our owners not having deep enough pockets to compete with the likes of City, Chelsea..

        Owned by a sheikh and Abramovich respectively..

        How are we to compete with owners who're able to splash the cash and not bat an eyelid about it?

        I also agree that FSG are marginally better than H&G.. They too promised a stadium and none happened.. A new stadium .will bring in the profits.. Anfield is too small if we wanna be up there with the likes of Man Utd & City & Chelsea..