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  • Lfc Lfc May 16, 2012 20:53 Flag

    Is Kenny being Selfish ?

    KPOK, I see split views about KD's original assignment, but whatever it was his boss has just said that he didn't deliver. Many of the posters here wanted KD as a long term solution, whereas you seem to have seen him as an interim solution, am I reading you correctly?

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    • That is how I always saw the situation. As far as I was aware, that was the agreement. He was never seen as anthing more than the best man to steady the ship after Rafa, and Roy had not been successful in doing that. Having kenny at the helm, was the most logical way of getting back to the 'Liverpool' way, but he was never seen as a permenant fixture. He was so much part of the club, that an 'outsider' was not feasible at that time. Re-employing old managers is NEVER good thing, no matter how their CV reads, but using their experience and knowledge of the club can benefit everyone. That is why I am sad that he has been 'sacked' Kenny was always bigger than that and he should have walked instead of being pushed. The club cannot afford to lose him, but as a manager, I'm sorry, but No

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      • KPOK perhaps you did not read the part where the owners offered him another role at the club (no not as a cleaner !! somewhere at the top) and he refused it stating his desire was to remain as manager. He forced the owners hands to do this !!

        I can not fault the owners in this.. The results in the league was unacceptable ..so we needed change, they offer KD another role he refuses so i can not see what else they could have done.

        Also on your other point RE. Kenny not having a clear target etc.. perhaps memory is forgetfull or ignorance. But KD initially was brought in as caretaker manager to stabilise the club.. He did (and credit to him) then after the very good results end of last season, Kenny went on to Publicly express his desire for the full time job and the fans got behind it. On public pressure Henry gave him the job and that massive transfer funds. After that i clearly remember Henry and Warner both stating in media interviews that CL spot was the minimum for Liverpool this term. As we outspent just about everyone except City perhaps. But definately more then United, Arsenal, Tottenham and Newcastle.
        SO the owners decision is justifiable in my honest opinion