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  • Turkey_Slapper Turkey_Slapper May 16, 2012 00:54 Flag

    Is Kenny being Selfish ?

    Just read this article on Mirror Football, which suggests that Kenny was offered another role in the club which he turned down in favour of remaining the manager.

    If the reports are true then Kenny is being selfish by refusing to take another role with dignity which the current owners have been extremely kind to offer. I feel John Henry and Tom Werner want the club to move forward and not milk it for dividends like the previous owners. Which is the reason why they have not flat out sacked him and given consideration to fans feelings about the king. Most other managers would have gotten a sack by now.

    Kenny in my humble opinion should have set aside his personal ego for the Good of the club and taken another role within the club.
    As things stand now, I can not see Kenny finding a Job with another Club if he is sacked.

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    • what I find strange about all this is that Kenny was brought in to steady a VERY shaky ship, and I honestly believe he has done that, but somewhere down the line the goalposts were changed and he and / or the club thought he would stay longer. That, to me was always going to be a mistake. Its a shame it is being reported that he has been 'sacked' It would have been better all round if all parties acknowledged that he has done what was required of him and thank him for the groundwork done which will hopefully reap rewards in the future. I don' think he was being selfish, I just think ego's sometimes get in the way

    • Why should he step aside when he feels he is the best person to move the club forward?

      This summer is not a test of Kenny - it's a test of the Americans. They need to put their money in their @rse pockets to buy real quality such as Huntelaar, and they need to move definitively on the stadium - they've had nearly 2 years now. If these two things don't happen, to me they are only marginally better than the cattle rapist and his little puppet.

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      • Loki I find myself only agreeing with the last sentence. I have never favoured American owners since they are all Paupers these days and simply can not compete with Sheikhs and Oligarchs.

        Then again, I thing they are good owners, who most likely dont have the finance to build a stadium and intentions were always to build staidum through sponsors. That is why they are looking at naming rights and sponsors to build this stadium. WHy should someone sponsor a mid table team in buiding a new stadium?? so they can have their brand shown on Carling cup matches ?? and not on the much larger audience of Champions League ? This is the main reason i feel they havent found sponsors yet

        Kenny has really F*cked up things for the owners by failing to qualify for CL. Which means no extra revenue for stadium or attracting investors for stadium.

        If you had a rich owner, CL football revenue wouldnt have mattered to build new stadium and they would have dipped in their pocket as we even have a approved area to build on. Then again they wouldnt have put up with KD and would want mucher bigger names managing the club.
        The current owners just can not afford to not be in CL.

        Most people who get the sack i am sure they think they are still the right man for the job. Kenny as a human being is no different. But my earlier point is that its his ego in not moving aside as he will be potrayed as someone who couldnt achieve the objective, He has always claimed no one is bigger then the club..and if he is truly not moving aside as per media reports and going againts the owners with an attitude of "Back me or Sack me" then he is being hypocritical in his motto of no one is bigger then the club

    • Slaps - you seem to suggest a square pegs in round holes approach. Not many people who go to the game would agree that the 'Kuyt experiment' worked too well. Turning a striker with a 3 in 4 hit rate into a right winger with no pace and the first touch of Heskey's shins was a massive f*ck up in my opinion.

    • Armchair , i said he was caretaker to start with. Then when he got the permamnent contract, that no longer is a care take contract. that the job of a full time manager and accordingly got the budget. I clearly remember in kennys interviews with media he was praising the owners for providing funds and investing in the squad. He even went on to say that they were happy to provide more if he wanted to buy more players. Thank god he didnt. AT the time we bought Jordan Henderson, i remember Liverpool were bidding for Connor Wickham in the region of 9 million pounds but Sunderland beat us to it with 12.. Once again thank god for that ! Where is he now ?
      At the time they were touting Wickham as the next Torres lol

      Now i just hope whoever the new coach they install, have a good eye for spotting Talent and not wastefull like Dalglish in buying players.

    • Thats why I think we need a younger manager AVB for example...

      He didn't suit Chelsea but may suit our style more?

    • I don't think it's arrogant at all Armchair.

      Imagine you are a kitchen fitter. You're busy fittng a new kitchen at home because the missus says so. She has lots of friends and kitchens are improtant to them. She must have a kitchen worthy of a top 4 place in her little kitchen mini league. There's a lot of work to do because it's an old house, the walls aren't straight and there's more than a few cracks to fill. You've started, things are going ok but having spent a lot of money you encounter a problem with the electrics and the whole project stalls. The foundations are all there, the kitchen's been ordered, so much to the pleasure of the other half that you've even won a cup of your favourite coffeefrom her. No mean feat. You even got close to getting another one before the electrics blew.

      teh dust settles on another week and you think right I've got the weekend to plan next weeks attack on the kitchen and get it up to scratch. Then the otherhalf can invite her firends over and they can compare kitchens. Yours will be in the top 4 for sure. Until that is the missus pulls the plug on you, stating you're not going to achieve the required goal in time for next weeks kitchen summit and has asked someone else in finish the job. They can change the spec slightly too.

      Would you be happy to accept a role sourcing parts for the new kitchen fitter? I don't think so!

    • Actually I think there is another good reason why it’s not a good idea to keep Kenny on at the club, at least in the short term.

      No matter who comes in, no matter how good they maybe on paper, there will be some rocky times ahead. There will be an adjustment period, for the manager and the players, and most likely even more new players who will need a little time to settle. Even if everything goes perfect, in football all clubs are likely to hit a purple patch sooner or later.

      Now image the owners had installed Kenny as the director of football, special ambassador, or some other position, and he's sitting up in the directors box while the team goes through a rough spot. Maybe we've hit the post a half dozen times, gotten a couple no calls in critical scoring areas, maybe even a non penalty call, but at the other end the one scoring chance our mid or bottom table opponent miraculously goes in as if the ball has eyes.

      Now image a frustrated Kop starts chanting "Bring back the King".

      Seems to me that taking a graceful exit, keeping a low profile for a little bit is best for the club, and for a man who even his naysayers has to admit would never want to do anything to harm LFC, I'm sure that is what he'll do. The door should, and I'm sure will be open for the KD, but at least for a while I think it best he's away from the limelight.

    • Younger, older what difference does it make as long as he is the right man?

    • Slaps - I understand what you're saying. My brother lived in Rotterdam (actually Schiedam) for 8 years and when I visited, we would go to Feyenoord games. So I saw first-hand before he came to us what Dirk could do in front of goal.

      Dirk got 71 goals in 101 games for Feyenoord, and I was made up when we got him. We played 4-2-3-1 at the time and the last thing I expected was a striker with that hit rate to be shunted on to wing the way he was. It didn't and still doesn't make sense to me.

      Like you I want pace on the wings, the wings have been a clusterf*ck for us since Digger and Ray Houghton played for us.

    • stats prove otherwise ..
      Dont get me wrong i would rather have a Lennon or Wallcot skinning alive defenders on the flanks, but managers seem to favour Kuyt over fast wingers. Dutch national team have players like Ibrahim Affaley, Illijio elora (spelling error) who can all beat defenders with comfortable ease, but they still play Kyut. I am not sure exactly why. But it could be positional play, work rate etc
      Point is Loki .. innovative coaches have done things that we normal spectators would not think of doing and it paid dividends for them.

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