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  • Lfc Lfc May 16, 2012 17:35 Flag

    F*ckers - now they really need to prove themselves

    Loki, I partially agree with you, yes, FSG has to be blamed for not doing enough, but we have to recognize that some very bad decisions had been made:

    - Appointment of inexperienced/unsuccessful KD
    - Who signed Carroll? Henderson? Adams? Downing?...

    KD's firing is a step in the right direction, but I am also sure that FSG is taking a good look at what they have done wrong, and as good businessmen they are, they will take corrective action to protect their investment.

    They know about the new players failures, and they know that just changing the manager will not be enough, so I expect a good squad shake up.

    To FSG's eyes City is the successful model, I hope that they follow the same path.