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  • Emlyn'S Heroes Emlyn'S Heroes May 16, 2012 23:40 Flag

    AVB is joint fav to become manager

    so the favorites for the job are a guy who has an annual battle with relegation and the guy who Kenny did the double over?
    Interesting how armchair says"young manager who could grow with his young team" so He'll get your backing and be given the time eh armchair?
    AVB couldn't get chelski into the top 4 with a far superior squad on paper than ours,but he's the answer cos he's younger?

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    • Hey don't have a go at me.. I'm just reporting what the status seems to be on who're we supposedly getting..

      It's all speculation anyway until FSG decide..

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      • I'm not sure about AVB. Mainly because of what happened at Chelsea but there is part of me that says it's a tough place to go. If your face doesn't fit then there are forces at work helping to write your P45.

        Martinez I like. He rebuilt Swansea and set them on the path to the PL. Rodgers is in part living off of that now. He also has to rebuild Wigan every Summer. He manages it with very little money and keeps them in the PL year on year. All his sides play good football too.

        The fear is that a manager used to being at the lower end of the table fills the squad with "safe" players. Those that they knoew can do a job but won't really be able to push on for a top 4 spot or winning cups.

        Benitez is a huge No No. Simply he's just too disruptive and destructive. We are still paying for his mistakes. Remember Aquilani? He's still on our books at the moment but we look to lose a shed load on that deal.....again! Ah maybe Voronin could come back for a thrid stint?