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  • chris n chris n May 17, 2012 12:23 Flag

    AVB is joint fav to become manager

    I agree with what Hob says, his tactics would suit us. Other than Mourine or Pep or Hiddink which is unrealistic I would put AVB as my number 1 choice.

    I dont understand the Martinez thing right now, why sack Kenny for half a good season and a cup win and swap for a guy who had quarter of a good season and no cup runs???

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    • Ignore what happened at Chelsea and AVB is an interesting prospect. BUT it needs to be someone that would be willing to buy into the club and be prepared for the long haul. Ido not want some journey man comes in spends loads, perhaps we achieve something and moves on leaving a huge chasm to fill. i.e. no thought for the future beyond their time. football clubs need to be thinking about 10 years hence no this year and next.

      Martinez is attractive because of how he built Swansea up. Rodgers took over and carried on. Every Summer martinez rebuilds the Wigan side after they've sold players to keep alive. They also play football as it should wit the ball on the floor. For me the loyalty he has shown Wigan is also an attractive characteristic. If that loyalty could be shown to a new club as well as meeting the other demands that being a Liverpool manager demands then it might have some legs.