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  • colin colin May 17, 2012 18:26 Flag

    AVB is joint fav to become manager

    HOBITEZ ..WITH U HERE THINK HIS PRESS HIGH UP THE FIELD would suit us its not that differnet from what KK tried to instill...could be hes just the man we need...and for me a big plus is he would keep benitez out of the managers chair ...lol. Seriously IF benitez were to get the job think season tickets would be going VERY cheap for the upcoming season.

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    • If we wanna progress it's AVB if we wanna hire & fire then hire Martinez.. So the only reason why we'd hire Martinez is that he'll come cheaper than AVB to hire.He probably too would be more of a yes man than AVB..

      However if we're serious about being in the top 4 or better. Then it's AVB for me. We're a better team ie friendier bunch than Chelsea's lot were..

      Chelsea were never gonna give AVB a chance I'm guessing our players would?