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  • Gary S Gary S May 17, 2012 10:06 Flag

    Broken hearts and open minds

    I think you need to get a life

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    • and I think you need to get a heart....football is 50% pure logic and 50% unbridled emotion. Hobs spot on for me

    • How about I take yours.

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      • I wouldn't bother Hobs, I don't think the in bred has got one worth taking!

      • HOBITEZ...Pretty well sums up my felings over the KK affair.....
        unfortunately cant commit myself to :supporting the new guy: just yet...as ...IF benitez is reappointedthen Im defo down the road to Blackpool FC irrespective of whether theyn beat WHU on Sat and get promoted or not...least with OIllys lot I can be sure of watching some EXCITING stuff rather than being put to sleep by the turgid shyte served up as an excuse for football by benitez. You see thats the thing with me... all my life Ive been excited by football both playing it and watching it and if benitez comes back I KNOW one thing for sure the EXCITEMENT of the game will be gone for me.For me its been a long and eventful journey 58 of my 63 years supporting LFC but IF he comes back then fraid its the end of the trail for me and I would think quite likely a lot of other LFC supporters who are fans of quality exciting entertaining Pass and Move ...STYLE.
        I really do think given another season KK would have got us there some of the football when the lads were actually prepared to give of their best for him...and I do think there are those who badly let him down....was sublime.
        So for me the new guy can be.....ANYONE ...BUT......
        NOT... PLEASE NOT.....benitez.