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  • Hobitez Hobitez May 17, 2012 10:04 Flag

    Broken hearts and open minds

    I dont even know where to start with the second departure of the King. I dont remember a better feeling then when the rumours bubbled about him taking over last January, after all, it was what we all wanted when poor Woy was given the job a few months before. For years we have been left wondering 'what if' about Kenny in the time since he left us and our league winning triumphs in '91. Now, it is a fantasy explored and finished.

    The excitement back in January of Kenny calling his holiday short after taking a drunken call on a cruiseliner somewhere in the pacific ocean just seemed a complete throwback from the seriousness of todays football. The FA cup defeat to Manchester United coudnt have been less important as an enthused Gerrard claimed a red card seemingly as a gesture to the returning King! The tailend of that season was phenominal and Maxi Rodriguez could have been forgiven for being confused with a slightly smaller Catalan based, Argentinian at times!

    Then the real stuff started, a new season, a transfer window with a responsibility loaded warchest and the return of the burden laden expectation of 20 years of hurt. Despite playing, for me, the best football I have seen at Anfield for years, there was just no incision to our invention. Logic dictated that our luck would turn and those half chances and post hits would soon turn into lashings but it just got worse and worse but you cant be so unlucky that you lose more home games then you win!

    This is one of my saddest days in football, I keep getting a bit pathetic and emotional about it because we all wanted it to be him who suceeded, the legend strolling back in to town. But I think deep down, most of us know it is the right decision. NESV appointed Kenny to finish the season, they never expected the momentum he temporarily built, giving him a contract was something the fans pressured them into, they always wanted to appoint their own man, and thats their right.

    The 18 months he was in charge for were good for the club and just another chapter in our history, the new manager will come into a team in a good financial position with a young and determined core squad and huge transparencies as to the positions needing addressing, it should be a black and white job for someone to improve us next season. The legend is gone and I am looking forward to supporting the new guy. Sadly, I dont think we should be looking to a 'legacy' plan for the next guy, eventually it will be Jamie Carragher that will lead us for a long term.

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    • I think you need to get a life

    • Carragher is an interesting thought. What about Hysen too? I always thought that he would venture into the back room at some point and I believe the door at Liverpool was always left open.

      Time for a new story to start. Hopefully a completely new one where the past doesn't weigh too heavily on the young shoulders that turn out on match day.

    • Sorry but people need to get a grip.. It's only a football club. Yes sure we wanna succeed thats natural, but people crying etc and being heartbroken cos a man leaves the club?

      he did a job he failed he was sacked.. simple as that.. we'll hire someone else expect them to succeed if they fail they'll be sacked too.. LFC is now a business.. where success is rewarded & failure results in getting sacked..

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      • You really are an absolute bell end with no idea or clue about what supporting Liverpool means. Your talking about a man who has been an integral part of everything good LFC has done, league titles, European cups and a man who went to 96 funerals. Did he deserve the sack? Probably yes, but if its not a little sad then you are supporting the wrong club.

      • armchair...do u call u self :armchair: simply because u have nothing better to do than sit in one being as nobody in their right mind would hire a cretin like u ?

      • Armchair - 'its only a football club' - add that to your massive list of calamitous statements.

        Those 5 words showed me, and everyone else here, that you have never been and never will be a TRUE fan of the greatest club in the world, where the communion between club and people is unmatched. You'll never get it as long as you've got a hole in you @rse. You do walk alone........

        In the words of Mr. T: 'I pity the fool!'

      • Sofa the fact you simply see LFC as a business actually explains a lot. Maybe sitting at home and watching the business channel so you can see the FTSE ticker and cheer or cringe would be a better pastime for you. I'm sure you could find plenty of blogs and chat rooms where you can complain if your favorite stock drops!

        Yes LFC is a business, but it’s so much more than that. It’s more than a football team. Some call it a religion, others their family, but its much more than a bunch of interchangeable pieces that can be discarded when they no longer look shinny and new. What are you going to do when Gerrard decides it might be time to call it a day? Send him to the knackers yard!

      • Prepare yourself for another bashing.

        You've managed to drop another bomb

    • Good words and sentiment Hobs. I think we should take a moment to say in our own way thank you to Kenny for what he has done for our club. No matter what individuals think of what happened over the past season, either some of best football we've played in years plus a return to Wembley and silverware on the shelf, or a focus on the poor results in the league, Kenny has been a rock that took a club broken and downtrodden and at least started us on the way back. Sure he made some mistakes, but I don't think there is a man alive who could have done what he did in getting the ship steady and moving forward.

      Thank you Kenny.


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      • Absolutely, he did a good job for us if not the job we had all hoped. Take over a club in a relegation fight then take them to a 7th place finish, win the Carling cup and get to another final and leave in 18 months having reduced the average squad age. Its not exactly 18 months I would want scrubbed from memory!

      • DSTEER...agreee with u sentiments 100%. Funny how KK was so badly slagged by so many so called :supporters: of our club for his dealings in the transfer market and his :wasting of the warchest:
        Seems like Hodgson , current English manager doesnt seem to agree with any of them having selected both Carrol ANDDowning in his squad for Euro 2012. Like u have so often said success doesnt arrive over night even fot the likes of Citeh and the Shiek likewise with certain players takes a little time for them to find their feet...look at the example of Lucas...a player u always supported unlike so many on the board...to expect players coming from different clubs playing to diversified tactics to simply gel right away is lunacy and Carrol arrived coming off a bad injuryn too something easily forgotten by his critics...so anyway thanks Kenny I have more memories of his greatness with our club than just his final stint as our manager.
        Im signing off on a bit of a sour note ...Im ready to support the new man 100%....but NOT if its a reappointment of benitez...IF that happens Im off to the Seaside to watch Ollys Lot where at least I can be assured of being entertained. My 58 year journey supporting LFC will finally come to an end.

      • Yes he had us playing attractive football again I don't deny that.. where were the goals though? We drew & lost too many games again..

    • Great post, hobbit, well written.

      Doesn't this show the folly of choosing a manager for sentimental rather than practical reasons? It's a little bizarre that FSG chose Dalglish because that is what the fans wanted. I think that shows their lack of expertise in football. (And they'd probably agree.) Eighteen months later they've wisened up a bit.

      Similarly why do you expect Carragher to make a good manager? He might, for all I know, but great players don't seem to make better managers than lesser players. JT wants to be manager of Chelsea and plainly seems to think he will be some day. But he needs to prove he can do it first rather than just assume he can walk into the role. I can't understand why Gary Neville has been given his England role. Where's the experience and demonstration he can do the job?

      Managers should be chosen on their track records, not on sentiment. (I should know - my club has had so many we're experts.)


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      • Robert I partially agree with you. You are correct a manager should not be appointed on sentimental grounds. On that I completely agree with you; however I don't think that alone was not why Kenny got the job. When he was first appointed (as a caretaker) I don't think anyone else either wanted the job or could even do the job. It required someone with stature within the club to pull things together.

        To defend FSG on making the job permanent maybe they did have their doubts but they also had a man who was a proven winner with plenty of success on his CV who had just in less than 6 months taken a club from 4 points off relegation to 7th in the league, and done it with out spending any cash. Remember it was Roman's money we used to buy Suarez and Carroll.

        At the same time he'd also started to heal the club internally, so the fact he was also a fan favorite and kept bums in seats and helped sell god knows how many retro number 7 shirts was just a bonus.

        As for good players making good managers the record is mixed. I do think Carra one day will make a decent and maybe a great manager mainly because from interviews and from hearing how other people talk about him he really knows his stuff. But that alone does not mean he should walk into a job, your correct he has to prove himself. So work with the youth team, work with the reserves and or as an assistant. Then try to get a gig in the lower leagues, or even abroad for a bit. Do that, and find success and every rung of the ladder, then maybe he has a shot to be a prem manager, even LFC manager. I think the same would apply to Terry.

        As for Neville, a man I've always disliked for tribal reasons, I do have to admit I was surprised at how good a job he did in the commentary box. I can't remember which game it was, but as soon as I heard his voice I was convinced I'd have to mute the entire match, but was surprised at how fair minded and knowledgeable he was. But for the England gig, I think you have to realize there are many attributes a manger needs, but two key ones are the technical side of management, and then the motivational side. I'd be pretty sure he's there to get the lads up for the game, and not doing the X's and O's.

      • Thanks for the compliment on the post, the appointment of a new manager has become a bit of an underwhelming experience for me now as just a weeee bit of emotion has lost connection with the team. I am sure it will be rejuvenated in the coming weeks!

        The way I saw it was that they brought in Kenny to finish the season as a custodian thinking they will bring in their own man in the summer, when he did so well and had such a great backing from the support, players and staff it was an impossible situation to appoint someone else as it would have set them. It might show their lack of expertise but can you imagine the reaction if Kenny had been sacked last season after the way they finished the campaign? I think it was an avenue that had to be explored even at a cost.

        I like how you mentioned Carra in 'great players'! The reasons that I think he will be a good manager (one day) are that he is such a good organiser at the back, a really good talker and reads the game brilliantly. He was never been technically good at anything, not great in the air, no composure, no pace, his whole game has been about commitment, hard work, positioning and tactical awareness. Thats what leads me to think he has the tools. Also, from watching a lot of interviews he just seems to be very inteligent in footballing terms, he understands the game and he has a good personality too. He has had his knockers too so I think he could handle himself under pressure.

      • Robert, Carra will make a good manager one day - his knowledge of football players, teams, systems and all that is encyclopaedic to say the least. I think the only thing he does when not training and playing is watch matches. As I understand it he has started on his badges with one eye on retirement.

        I suspect that LFC will give him some kind of coaching role and move him through the ranks when he does finally retire, and who knows? Maybe sooner