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  • Colyn Colyn May 18, 2012 08:23 Flag

    Liverpool have opened talks with roberto martinez

    Obviously Martinez has failed the Armchair test before he's even sat down.

    Points in favour of Martinez
    1. He knows how to build teams and clubs. Look at Swansea, that club is built on teh foundations put in place by Martinez

    2. His teams play attractive football

    3. He has PL experince. Far more than Rodgers, Lambert, AVB, Klopp, Guardiola etc.

    4. He can handle the English press

    5. Fiercely loyal. If he brought that to Liverpool it's exactly what we want and need. I'm not sure if everyone else mentioned would come with that same level of loyalty or buy into the club.

    The downsides as you've said and you are rght to point them out is whether he would be able to take the step up and deal with the bigger budgets, and bigger expectations from FSG and let's be honest the fans. Over all of that are Armchair's expectations who expects us to win the CL in two years.

    We'd also probably lose to Wigan next year ;o)

    Ultimately I think we need someone fresh, with new ideas and te strength to see them through. Most importantly they need to buy into Liverpool as a club, city and family. To his credit Benitez did but he thought he was head hauncho. He never realised that the club and everything that goes with it is far bigger than he is.

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    • i got no problem giving martinez a shot. i think we need to focus on playing attractive football first and foremost, and if we appoint martinez it's a step in that direction.

      Our obsession with filling the trophy cabinet has led to some pretty cautious boring football over the years.

      now we have lost our top 4 status we wont attract big name managers but big names also come with pressure to win.

      i want to see our players enjoy their football and martinez seems to be able to make that happen.

      we have nothing to loose at this point i wanna see us play like it