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  • Emlyn'S Heroes Emlyn'S Heroes May 18, 2012 12:41 Flag

    good business?

    People on here are compilmenting the owners for being decisive and showing "that they're ruthless business men,not scared to make the tough decisions"
    But look at it from another point.
    Did they appoint a guy they didn't want ? Hardly ruthless!
    You would also have to question why at this momentous moment in our history we have no manager, no director of football, no CEO (as the yanks call the boss)No head of sport science, and a new head of communications( a guy who posted inflamatory tweets re evra/suerez.
    When the transfer market starts in earnest in 2 week or so,who will be buying players? who will be selling players? who will be negotiating prices and contracts?
    On top of this you still have the "how long is a piece of string?"
    dilemma of the stadium.
    Suddenly they don't seem as decisive and business savvy!
    Ian Ayre said yesterday they would explore all options regarding a manager,from MARTINEZ TO PEPE? Is this not a bit scattergun? when you buy an house if you want a 4 bed detached you don't go look at a 2 up 2 down! New car ? I'm after a Bentley but hey lets go test drive a Ka!

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    • I agree bty. JH and co ain´t exactly smelling of roses following their handling so far and, whoever they appoint will have an uphill struggle given the present position. It´s not a situation for any relatively inexperienced manager to take on, e.g. Martinez, and with that in mind I would have to say that the only real candidate who is possibly realistically in the frame is Villas Boaz. Rogers has discounted himself, perhaps wisely, and as for the other names being touted around VB has to be making the best of a bad job in the absence of say Mourinho for example.