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  • Lfc Lfc May 21, 2012 07:13 Flag

    FSG want a young up & coming manager.

    I oppose AVB, he divided the Chelsea locker room. A failure.

    I also oppose Laudrup, he had a terrible season at Mallorca in the 2010/11 season, where he ended with a W/D/L record of 13/9/20. A failure.

    From the candidates that I hear about, Martinez and Benitez, in that particular order, are my choices. Guardiola has made it clear that he is going on sabbatical, so he is not an option.

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    • Except Lfc ... Benitez hasn't been even approached and doesn't fit the mould FSG are looking for.. So he's out of the question too..

      Martinez will probably be another Hodgson or worse..

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      • Thank heavens Benitez hasn't been approached. I am appalled by the number of people still duped by the brainwashing this guy served up on a daily basis.

        It's important that we get the person that fits us best (us the fans, the club and the direction that FSG want to go) and we must have some patience to go with it.

        FSG are basically wipin the slate clean and starting again. That will not go down well with many fans who still want us to follow the ideals that Shankly put into place. That's fine to a degree but we must drag the club up to date.