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  • Colyn Colyn May 21, 2012 11:59 Flag

    FSG want a young up & coming manager.

    Thank heavens Benitez hasn't been approached. I am appalled by the number of people still duped by the brainwashing this guy served up on a daily basis.

    It's important that we get the person that fits us best (us the fans, the club and the direction that FSG want to go) and we must have some patience to go with it.

    FSG are basically wipin the slate clean and starting again. That will not go down well with many fans who still want us to follow the ideals that Shankly put into place. That's fine to a degree but we must drag the club up to date.

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    • The worrying thing for me with them wiping the slate clean is that they know fk all about football. Whose guiding them with these decisions?

      Saw someone comment on a blog recently that the club is entering into headless chicken territory. So many vacant key positions at the club that need filling, foreign owners calling the shots, and as has been mentioned by a number other posters on here, not a whole lot of budget promise being touted for the next manager either. Whoever comes in will inherit one hell of a job......

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      • True we could be a headless chicken but I've heard stories about David Dein helping them. It's a definite concern though and while certain sections of the press are banging on about the club asking everyone for an interview I think it's becoming clear that those asked so far are young and doing good things at their current clubs. Martinez, Rodgers and Rodgers are the only ones' I know for certain. AVB falls outside as he's not in work but again he did well in Portugal, pre Chelsea.

        It's also been rumoured that Davaid Dein may be in line for the Director of Football role with Ian Ayre taking a slightly sideways step and becoming a Director of Finances / business or whatever you want to call it. His role will be to drive forward maximising of club revenue.

        No fomal announcement but another rumour surrounded the appointment of Jen Chang as Director of Communications. This role is also critical in my opinion. This person will be responsible for painting the new face of Liverpool FC all over the world and signalls a complete change from the old regime.

      • Surely we need an expereinced manager who then gets the team winning again.. Then once the team is gelled and new players join a team that is together.. Then hand over to a younger manager.. as all they need to do is keep things going..

        As things stand LFC still needs that initial gelling of players and togetherness that we had in the 80's..

      • The same thought occurred to me Abu, FSG know baseball, not much knowledge of footie. As any American businessmen, they must be driven by profits, which in football is driven by results, marketing, and a sensible trade in / trade out policy.

        I feel a little uneasy at the thought that FSG will pick a manager who will not demand much £££. The current squad needs a major overhaul, otherwise we will be looking at another season of mediocrity.