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  • Tony Moorhead Tony Moorhead May 20, 2012 13:18 Flag

    New Stadium

    In order to compete with the likes of Man u and Chelsea we need to start thinking about redeveloping or build the new stadium that was promised in the first place, how else can we get the funds to buy better players if the owners can't. The way I see it is more supporters at the match means bigger support and more revenue. I reckon that 76,000 sweater stadium would fillable.

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    • People don't seem to realise or have maybe not considered. Is that not only football games could use the stadium for revenue.

      It could be used for rock, classical concerts?

      So 76,000 isn't such a huge deal..

      It does need building soon though if we don't wanna fall further behind our rivals.. The problem as I'm aware is the sponsorship deals and naming rights they're trying to aquire.

    • If they are talking with home owners I'd assuming they are setting up public meetings for those in the area, or through the council.

    • I would be happy with a re-development, as long as we get the capacity. The Main Stand (where I sit) is an anachronism, and that is being polite about it.

      They have been knocking houses down around the ground for what seems like years, 2 sides would seem to be ripe for redevelopment. That is, the Main Stand and the Anny Road End. I guess the resident question is 'how much compensation do you want for 3 year disruption?'

      The only things I hear are from the Echo really. I don't know anyone who works on the council in planning so I know the same as everyone else - although I guess I could find out. I'll see what I can dig up.

    • Tell us something most on here don't already know.

    • Okay now your telling me black is white and white is purple.

      I don't know if the quote "we can compete with anyone in the world" came directly from them or not. However if this is an accurate quote, they did break the transfer record for an English player, allow the club to spend just under 100M last summer even before players excess to requirements were sold on, and while you and other seem to think they will not spend this summer, they have made no statement saying they won't. In fact Warner was on record stating they planned to strengthen this summer.

      But what has any of that got to do with a stadium? They have never, and please find the quote if you think I'm wrong, said they would build LFC a shinny new stadium. They have been very careful not to promise things, or say anything without being able to deliver, so how is that changing the story.

      I really think people are getting hung up on the stadium issue, and while we'd all like a big shinny stadium if it’s not done right it could be more a hindrance than helpful.

      Think about it, Arsenal built a 60K stadium, and with many financial advantages we don't have such as the ability to develop the previous site so it would turn a profit at London real estate prices, a healthy naming rights deal with Emirate, help from the local authority to develop infrastructure around the Emirates site, and because of their timing, when capital projects were seen as low risk able to finance the portion they borrowed at low rates. But despite all those advantages, they've been on a diet for the last several years in terms of both transfer fee's and more importantly wages, meaning many of their better players have moved on to clubs willing to pay them for their services. And btw it maybe no coincidence they’ve also been on a 7 year drought when it comes to silverware!

      We get a stadium, and we don’t think through how we pay for it, we could find our selves in serious debt for the next 15, 20 or more years, with little or no funds for transfers or wage increases to keep our better players, and if we don't quickly raise revenues with CL money or other sources we’ll could find ourselves in financial meltdown.

    • Actually my memory is quite poor.. Thats beside the point..

      Ok then when do you feel we'll realistically start to get the spades in the ground?

    • Didn't FSG claim "we can compete with anyone in the world!!" ? Then buy the players that we need to compete for titles.. otherwise all we'll be (also starring Liverpool FC) and never the lead.. as if LFC were a movie..

      Well that by definition to compete with anyone in the world that includes Chelsea & Man City surely?

      Yet now they seem to be saying a different story? Or they'd be getting stuck in and building this new stadium.

      I thought FSG had deep pockets?

    • Newcastle have done it on the cheap, as have Arsenal year on year.

      if the Fair Play rules work as they are supposed to then we have an opprtunity to rejoin the party with a bit more work and some success on the pitch. City have a long way to go in developing their brand but I don't know how sponsorship ultimately works. (UEFA were going to look at the City owners sponsoring their own club).

      If United float on the stock market we are all doomed anyway. The cash rasied from that will wipe out the debt and all the money they generate will simply flow back into the club (Or the Glazers pockets)

      I'll console myself that every game starts 11 a side and no matter how good you are you will not win everything all of the time. There are opportuunities out there.

    • It would seem FSG haven't decided either way yet...

      Whether to build a new stadium or enhance Anfield..

      I wish they'd make up their minds and just get on with things. or we'll never have a new one..

      The H&G design looked good to me.. a modern stadium..

      Which is something LFC needs..
      If they design one to build on the Anfield site.. how long would that take? Where would we play in the meantime?

    • Loki, baring an unprecedented large sponsorship deal, I'm thinking more and more that a new build is looking less feasible. To put a dent in a 300M build we'd need a sponsor to stump up a lot of cash. The Emirates deal with Arsenal I believe was 100M over 15 years, but that was for both shirts and stadium naming rights. If we got close to the same deal, that only 6.3M a year, and we'd still need to come up with the other 200M plus.

      So I'm wondering about the re-development option. If this statement from Ayre is accurate, then I've got to assume the discussions with the local residents is a more public process. As your local are you hearing anything? Also, is it likely there could be hold outs if the club did try to purchase local homes to make room for enlargement?

      Seems the redevelopment option might be much cheaper, but with negotiations with home owners, some of whom may not be resident in the houses, plus negotiations with the council, it might be a more long drawn out option.

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