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  • Tony Moorhead Tony Moorhead May 20, 2012 13:18 Flag

    New Stadium

    In order to compete with the likes of Man u and Chelsea we need to start thinking about redeveloping or build the new stadium that was promised in the first place, how else can we get the funds to buy better players if the owners can't. The way I see it is more supporters at the match means bigger support and more revenue. I reckon that 76,000 sweater stadium would fillable.

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    • That's a big sweater!

      I'm almost sure that FSG were only considered as proper buyers of the club if they committed to building a stadium. All we've heard for nearly 2 years now is 'We're exploring all the options' and I am growing tired of it. I am starting to think FSG:

      1) Don't have the financial clout they continually brag about
      2) Are wolves in sheep's clothing

      IF these do not deliver on the numerous promises they've made, and I mean this summer - equivalent to the other idiot's spade in the ground nonsense- then my support will evaporate, and that of other Kopites too.

    • Tell us something most on here don't already know.

    • People don't seem to realise or have maybe not considered. Is that not only football games could use the stadium for revenue.

      It could be used for rock, classical concerts?

      So 76,000 isn't such a huge deal..

      It does need building soon though if we don't wanna fall further behind our rivals.. The problem as I'm aware is the sponsorship deals and naming rights they're trying to aquire.

    • Do you have the memory of a goldfish Armchair? Remember the 4 page article posted on here discussing some of the issues surrounding the stadium and put a big slant on redevelopment of Anfield.

      Infrastructure improvement is normaly ridiculously expensive. You are talking about the costs including design, obtaining approval from LCC, construction and then future maintenance. The football club will not maintain roads and railways in the future so LCC have to do it. They will want money up front for it.

    • Actually my memory is quite poor.. Thats beside the point..

      Ok then when do you feel we'll realistically start to get the spades in the ground?

    • Is that why you answer a lot of your own threads, because you've forgotten that you posted the thread in the first place?

    • Absolutely no idea.

      The lack of any type of progress or news on the subject apart from binning the H&G design makes me think that they started the whole process again some time ago which they said they would do when they bought the club.

      There's a huge amount to think about. Maximising match day revenue is not just about putting bums on seats within the stadium. It's all about giving people a day out to spend there money in shops, restaurants, pubs and stuff. It's about creating a proper day out at Liverpool FC not 90 minutes at the game with a pie while you spend the rest elsewhere.

    • FSG is not going to reach into their back pocket and pay for a shinny new stadium so those who think they can or should need to wake up and stop dreaming.

      Seems to me 3 things need to happen before we get any major progress on either a new stadium, or a significant increase in capacity at Anfield.

      One the purse springs of local government need to loosen up. With current economic and political conditions don't see that happening any time in the near future. Until that happens a stadium beyond 60 or 65K is just not going to happen as there is no one to pay for improvement of local infrastructure.

      Two, a significant increase in revenue for the club either via improvement in commercial revenue and or more TV revenue generated from CL. Commercial will grow steadily, but it’s going to take a while, and won't really max out until we are playing in the CL with the higher worldwide profile, and we all know CL is not happening next year. Additionally, and maybe it’s separate, but its part of club revenue but we need a significant sponsorship agreement/naming rights in order to help finance the new stadium (and maybe the cost of re-development if we stay at Anfield).

      Lastly is the ability to borrow at rates that makes sense for the club and are sustainable. There is no doubt that we will use debt to finance a large part of the construction, which makes absolute sense. However only if the debt is manageable within the clubs earnings, and does not put pressure on other operational costs the club has, including wages for players, and transfer fees for new players.

      I don't mean to throw cold water, but think we have to be realistic. But the good news is while a stadium does help us increase revenue, it’s not as important in the short term as many think. For short term increasing the profile of the club and then maximizing the commercial revenue is the first priority, and it’s that revenue which will fuel the improvement in the squad. Getting the stadium done is what will help provide stable revenue over the next 10, 20 or more years, but its not going to improve the squad in the next season or two.

    • You should buy hillsbourgh as you lot are always banging on about it

    • More sense from the Dsteer.

      Match day revenue is important but it's only part of the puzzle. There are far bigger revenue streams to exploit in other areas. Team success plays a part in that too.

      This is why I feel the Head of Communications appointment is critical. Publicity is king these days and teh right person here can make a world of difference.

      Back on te stadium front funding is an enormous task. With my comments I'm purely trying to put a scale on it. Stadium costs alone are one thing but when you need to start building up other areas such as infrastructure then it puts you in a whole different league. How FSG choose to fund this is anyone's idea. Debt perhaps, naming rights seems obvious but remember that it must ultimately pay for itself somehow. Increasing match day revenue by say £1m a game isn't much when you've got a £300m bill with interest to pay.

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