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  • Colyn Colyn May 21, 2012 15:52 Flag

    Managerial situation

    good article Hobbs. I agree there's a lot of panic about with FSG being branded in the same light as H&G in the process. That's a bit premature abd harsh inmy opinion.

    It's a concern that we've been rejected but a far bigger one that it's featured in the press. However notice there's not been a single peep, tweet or announcement by FSG or the club. They'e all come from the other side of the fence as it were.

    from my reading there seems to be a trend towards managers who are relatively young and on the move upward (Rodgers, AVB, Martinez, De Boer etc.) while the likes of Capello and Benitez (thankfully) are quiet. Perhaps they haven't been asked (which fits that trend), or perhaps they know better than to feed the press, which sadly supports the scatter gun approach reported in the press. Who knows?

    I'm with you on the Rodgers front. he did nothing at Reading and yet his old No. 2 has just got the promoted without much in the way of change. He certainly could not get the best out of that squad and while he is doing well Martinez must take some of the credit for the things happening at Swansea. I've read some good things on Martinez of late and I think it's very narrow minded to rule him out becasue he's managed Wigan. Similarly AVB just because he didn't do very well at Chelsea. But those issues should rightly be part of the assessment and interview process.

    I've no idea who the next manager will be but for me the important thing is that we get the right person to fit in with the club as whole. That includes the supporters and the direction FSG are taking the club. Hodgson didn't and that was his downfall. I hope they are given time and I hope they get the right person.