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  • Hobitez Hobitez May 22, 2012 12:40 Flag

    Managerial situation

    Loki, im not to sure about 'what we know'. Swansea came out yesterday and said there was no approach for Rodgers.

    Heres the only statement by Jurgen Klopp:

    “I have been made aware of interest from England, and it is an honour to be linked with big clubs in the Premier League. But I have a contract with Dortmund until 2016 and am going nowhere. I love it here and have no intention of changing clubs,”

    I mean, thats not saying, Liverpool have approached me to be their manager, it just says he is aware that somewhere in England there is interest. Obviously, it is suggested its us but it could just be media and agents.

    Frank De Bouer however does claim he was approached by LFC so I think it is fair to say that one was true.

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    • Hobbs think you've got a real point here. There maybe a lot of one way conversations going on, or at least its only one side of a conversation that is being reported in the press.

      Any time a club see's their manager being linked with another club, they are going to want to stem the rumors either by putting out a statement themselves or having the manager make a personal statement, to ensure that others at the club are not unsettled. So Wigan quickly say, yes LFC have asked to interview Martinez, while other clubs who've had their managers' names put in the frame have put out statements saying they are honors but plan to stay where they are. But does that mean very manager who says he’s not interested in the Anfield job has been approached by FSG, or is it just that their name is who the press thinks we are after?

      Bottom line for me, if people believe everything they read in the press or on football blogs, and think 7 days is an eternity in the off season to make an appointment I suggest you book yourself a very long coach journey with Sofa as you'll both have a lot to talk about. For the rest of us, I think we need to put things in perspective, and remember to always take what the press says with a very healthy pinch of salt.