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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter May 23, 2012 09:26 Flag

    Managerial situation

    I put this as an answer in another thread.. but it's more relevant here.

    All FSG need do is send out a small public statement like.. "We at FSG are actively conducting interviews for the post of LFC manager. We ask that LFC supporters bear with us as we want to find the right candidate and it's a delicate matter""..

    Something like that would suffice..

    Rather than say nothing..

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    • The problem for FSG ,is that a daily trickle of "still looking guys,"next day "gunna interview soon guys" next day" have some news soon" makes you look more disorganised.
      The problem is although this style of approaching nearly everyone is ok in the states they don't seem to appreciate the bond between managers and fans here.How would Rodgers be viewed by both fans and players at Swansea if he "chats to LFC?
      The bottom line is they are the owners so we have to trust them at this moment to get it right.(unless 1. you want to go get the "yanks out" banners from the back of the garage,or 2. Find oil on merseyside and have it bought by a lifelong "true red"
      When he's trying to convince Grant Holt to commit he turns round and says "why should I sign when you will fuck off first chance you get?"
      Another way to look at these "snubs " as the press describe them is they could just be examples of the old fashioned and much missed loyalty that people had to clubs ( or cynically bargaining tools to ensure improved contracts or more transfer funds etc!)
      The end result is we have to hope they get it right. they are the owners we have so unless (1.you go get the "yanks out"banners from the back of the garage or2.Oil is discovered on merseyside and LFC is bought by a true "red")this is where we are

    • Have they not already done that? That pretty much mirrors the statement they made right after Kenny was let go, so are you suggesting they just keep repeating themselves every few days?