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    Managerial situation

    I didnt really know how to title this thread without it mingling with the already congested pile. My point is one of less worry then most people are showing. So far we have seen Brendan Rodgers, Jurgen Klopp and Franck De Bouer rule themselves out of the post. Honestly, were any of these high on your agendas?!

    Klopp has credentials, no doubt but hes as much of a gamble as anyone, if we were to recruit someone on the back of the season just passed then surely Rene Girard is the best candidate available. Who? I hear you asking, it took a quick google search for me to find out the name of Montpelliers gaffer. How have they managed to muscle in on a Dubai inspired PSG, a Hazard fuelled Lille or the giants Marseille and Lyon? One of their best players couldnt get in Portsmouths first team. He must have got something pretty right down there though.

    As good an option as he might sound I wouldnt pick him, would you?! You may have seen in the last few weeks that Guardiola and Capello have ruled themselves out of the Chelsea job but not a sniff has been said about LFC despite them both being heavily linked, it doesnt mean we will get either but it suggests (at least at this stage) that they are interested. Sometimes whats not said is more important then what is.

    Do not fret about the pussy that is Brendan Rodgers bottling a job interview, he did the same when linked with Chelsea earlier in the season citing 'he was trying to build his career not destroy it'. As far as I can see he was a flop at Reading then came in and carbon copied the regime left in place by Roberto Martinez a few years ago.

    My feeling toward the interview process is that FSG have a very specific plan for the new manager to undertake as it looks like they want a first team coach not a 'general manager'. The fact that they arent appointing a man based on video clips, wikipedia stats and reputation could well be a good thing and that they want to talk to lots of people and then make a decision shouldnt really be frowned upon. we are just that impatient with our team that we want an answer today even if it means we will be shouting for his head in 6 months time, lets just relax and judge FSG on their appointment once its made.

    then we can start complaining about transfers!

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    • I'll just add one thing, and maybe Jason if he's around can weigh in on this. I know FSG have a reputation of not knowing football, but they have now had 18 months to get up to speed on the beautiful game, and have surrounded themselves with people who do know the game. But they do know sports, and while we like to think football is unique, FSG has a very strong track record of hiring the best people to fill various roles in their other sports ventures. Put it this way they have a much better track record than any of us, so while we all have opinions, think we got to give them some benefit of the doubt.

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      • Just one other point. I know many are upset that so much of the manager search has been going on in the press, despite the club not FSG saying much. Actually that seems a bit of a contradiction to be honest as neither the club or FSG are conducting the search in public rather its the press who just can't help writing about it, whether they've got facts, partial information, or just a deadline by which to write something.

        Additionally maybe some are upset that the club did not have someone waiting in the wings, or that its taken so long to actually get someone in (One week is an eternity for some people on here!). But let’s put that into perspective. Has Villa got a new manager yet? How about Chelsea, have they signed anyone on a permanent basis. Maybe we should give them an extra week as they only just finished their season, but Roman better hurry up. What about Wolves, or Blackburn (I know they do have Kean, but I was talking about having a real manager!).

        Fact of the matter almost anyone who is anyone in football is trying to get some holiday time right now. Other than those involved in the Euro's there is not much really happening, so why the rush. But also I think we can all agree this appointment is critical, and its very important that we get the right man in. So if we have to wait a few weeks, talk to a few candidates, and put up with a few silly stories in the press, in order to ensure the right man is at the helm next season, so be it.

      • Yeah but at the way they are handling it, it doesn't exactly 'inspire confidence' now your seeing each manager approached publicly reject the role, AVB is in no hurry to take up the role either even if he is available..FSG hire the best, the problem is they aren't gonna get the best...ie HIDDINK, MOURINHIO, GUARDIOLA, Hell even FRANK DE BOUER!

    • I put this as an answer in another thread.. but it's more relevant here.

      All FSG need do is send out a small public statement like.. "We at FSG are actively conducting interviews for the post of LFC manager. We ask that LFC supporters bear with us as we want to find the right candidate and it's a delicate matter""..

      Something like that would suffice..

      Rather than say nothing..

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      • The problem for FSG ,is that a daily trickle of "still looking guys,"next day "gunna interview soon guys" next day" have some news soon" makes you look more disorganised.
        The problem is although this style of approaching nearly everyone is ok in the states they don't seem to appreciate the bond between managers and fans here.How would Rodgers be viewed by both fans and players at Swansea if he "chats to LFC?
        The bottom line is they are the owners so we have to trust them at this moment to get it right.(unless 1. you want to go get the "yanks out" banners from the back of the garage,or 2. Find oil on merseyside and have it bought by a lifelong "true red"
        When he's trying to convince Grant Holt to commit he turns round and says "why should I sign when you will fuck off first chance you get?"
        Another way to look at these "snubs " as the press describe them is they could just be examples of the old fashioned and much missed loyalty that people had to clubs ( or cynically bargaining tools to ensure improved contracts or more transfer funds etc!)
        The end result is we have to hope they get it right. they are the owners we have so unless (1.you go get the "yanks out"banners from the back of the garage or2.Oil is discovered on merseyside and LFC is bought by a true "red")this is where we are

      • Have they not already done that? That pretty much mirrors the statement they made right after Kenny was let go, so are you suggesting they just keep repeating themselves every few days?

    • It's quite possible FSG might have to rehire Dalglish.. if they can't get a new manager soon.. or we stick with Clarke as caretaker ... just as long as we bring in some decent players..

    • Robert, not sure if you’re around as you seem to like to drop in and out of this board, but had a managerial question for you.

      I know further up this thread you had questioned the wisdom of LFC being without a manager for too long (2 weeks) and there is almost no time, even at the end of the season when most involved in football are trying to get a holiday, when nothing is going on. So, I was wondering if you’re at all getting concerned that a decision on the Chelsea job has not yet been made yet. Think it’s now over 2 weeks since your last match, and I thought Roman was going to make a decision on or around 1 June which has now passed.

      Now obviously Chelsea is not dependent on a manager to run the transfer activity (Roman likes to spend his money himself maybe) but will the activity going on now fit with whoever will be the gaffer next term, be it RdM or someone else.

      Is the holdup maybe that Roman is still trying to twist the arm of a certain Catalan? But if Pep is true to his word and there is just one club in England he'd fancy, and he's yet to say yes, maybe it’s not Chelsea, but how long is reasonable to wait to find out before not having a man at the helm causes issues?

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      • I'm trying, and generally succeeding, to reduce the number of posts I read on here, so it was a bit of an accident that I saw this one just now.

        First of all, I see Steve Clarke has been given the push. No doubt he will find employment elsewhere quickly. Maybe even at Chelsea. Who knows.

        Am I concerned about not having a manager? Not really. At Chelsea, the manager is the man who sits in the manager's seat on the bus rather than the man who drives the bus. And we all know the Chelsea bus is generally permanently parked anyway.

        We seem able to hire new talent without a manager, for better or worse. Most of our players are at the Euros, or some other continental tournament, or having a well-deserved break. We don't need any new players in my opinion, as long as we keep Bosingwa, but will probably acquire Hulk anyway. So the pressure is off for a month until pre-season training starts.

        If I had to bet, I'd bet that PG is indeed our manager next season, or at least contracted to us in some fashion. But I don't feel strongly about it. I'm not even sure he would be a good fit.

        I'll make a different prediction. Torres will still be missing sitters for us after our next manager is sacked.


    • No Martinez or any other relegation survivors.. If we get him then that shows FSG have no ambition at all..

      It has to be someone with experience of winning titles that has to be AVB or Capello.. as the ones currently available and realistic targets.

    • Well we've got until July 1st until we get a new manager in.. As thats when the transfer window opens supposedly?

    • I see your Aurelio has been signed to someone else. Lots of players being released right now.

      Is this a good or bad week? Don't know, but I suspect there is more going on now than there will be in a month.

      Am I bothered about CFC not announcing just yet. No. I have a feeling our new manager has already been decided. If I'm wrong, and it's quite likely, I am sure those who negotiate for players at CFC are still out there doing their job. Which is different to my impression of what LFC are doing, but I could be wrong there too.

      My point is that to say there's nothing happening on the transfer front at the moment is just not right. There's plenty going on.


    • I suspect any manager whose priority is to have a team play a certain way, whatever that way is, would be best advised to have Chelsea as number two or lower on his "clubs I want to manage" list.

      Managing chelsea is less being the horse whisperer and more like taking centre stage in the rodeo.


    • NOO NOO...with u 100% when u say...:my only realthought on a new manager is keep benitez well out of it !:

    • A week is a long time in football.. Steer..

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