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    Managerial situation

    I didnt really know how to title this thread without it mingling with the already congested pile. My point is one of less worry then most people are showing. So far we have seen Brendan Rodgers, Jurgen Klopp and Franck De Bouer rule themselves out of the post. Honestly, were any of these high on your agendas?!

    Klopp has credentials, no doubt but hes as much of a gamble as anyone, if we were to recruit someone on the back of the season just passed then surely Rene Girard is the best candidate available. Who? I hear you asking, it took a quick google search for me to find out the name of Montpelliers gaffer. How have they managed to muscle in on a Dubai inspired PSG, a Hazard fuelled Lille or the giants Marseille and Lyon? One of their best players couldnt get in Portsmouths first team. He must have got something pretty right down there though.

    As good an option as he might sound I wouldnt pick him, would you?! You may have seen in the last few weeks that Guardiola and Capello have ruled themselves out of the Chelsea job but not a sniff has been said about LFC despite them both being heavily linked, it doesnt mean we will get either but it suggests (at least at this stage) that they are interested. Sometimes whats not said is more important then what is.

    Do not fret about the pussy that is Brendan Rodgers bottling a job interview, he did the same when linked with Chelsea earlier in the season citing 'he was trying to build his career not destroy it'. As far as I can see he was a flop at Reading then came in and carbon copied the regime left in place by Roberto Martinez a few years ago.

    My feeling toward the interview process is that FSG have a very specific plan for the new manager to undertake as it looks like they want a first team coach not a 'general manager'. The fact that they arent appointing a man based on video clips, wikipedia stats and reputation could well be a good thing and that they want to talk to lots of people and then make a decision shouldnt really be frowned upon. we are just that impatient with our team that we want an answer today even if it means we will be shouting for his head in 6 months time, lets just relax and judge FSG on their appointment once its made.

    then we can start complaining about transfers!

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    • good article Hobbs. I agree there's a lot of panic about with FSG being branded in the same light as H&G in the process. That's a bit premature abd harsh inmy opinion.

      It's a concern that we've been rejected but a far bigger one that it's featured in the press. However notice there's not been a single peep, tweet or announcement by FSG or the club. They'e all come from the other side of the fence as it were.

      from my reading there seems to be a trend towards managers who are relatively young and on the move upward (Rodgers, AVB, Martinez, De Boer etc.) while the likes of Capello and Benitez (thankfully) are quiet. Perhaps they haven't been asked (which fits that trend), or perhaps they know better than to feed the press, which sadly supports the scatter gun approach reported in the press. Who knows?

      I'm with you on the Rodgers front. he did nothing at Reading and yet his old No. 2 has just got the promoted without much in the way of change. He certainly could not get the best out of that squad and while he is doing well Martinez must take some of the credit for the things happening at Swansea. I've read some good things on Martinez of late and I think it's very narrow minded to rule him out becasue he's managed Wigan. Similarly AVB just because he didn't do very well at Chelsea. But those issues should rightly be part of the assessment and interview process.

      I've no idea who the next manager will be but for me the important thing is that we get the right person to fit in with the club as whole. That includes the supporters and the direction FSG are taking the club. Hodgson didn't and that was his downfall. I hope they are given time and I hope they get the right person.

    • I think you have a point and I like your article. Well written Hobbs.

    • I'll just add one thing, and maybe Jason if he's around can weigh in on this. I know FSG have a reputation of not knowing football, but they have now had 18 months to get up to speed on the beautiful game, and have surrounded themselves with people who do know the game. But they do know sports, and while we like to think football is unique, FSG has a very strong track record of hiring the best people to fill various roles in their other sports ventures. Put it this way they have a much better track record than any of us, so while we all have opinions, think we got to give them some benefit of the doubt.

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      • Just one other point. I know many are upset that so much of the manager search has been going on in the press, despite the club not FSG saying much. Actually that seems a bit of a contradiction to be honest as neither the club or FSG are conducting the search in public rather its the press who just can't help writing about it, whether they've got facts, partial information, or just a deadline by which to write something.

        Additionally maybe some are upset that the club did not have someone waiting in the wings, or that its taken so long to actually get someone in (One week is an eternity for some people on here!). But let’s put that into perspective. Has Villa got a new manager yet? How about Chelsea, have they signed anyone on a permanent basis. Maybe we should give them an extra week as they only just finished their season, but Roman better hurry up. What about Wolves, or Blackburn (I know they do have Kean, but I was talking about having a real manager!).

        Fact of the matter almost anyone who is anyone in football is trying to get some holiday time right now. Other than those involved in the Euro's there is not much really happening, so why the rush. But also I think we can all agree this appointment is critical, and its very important that we get the right man in. So if we have to wait a few weeks, talk to a few candidates, and put up with a few silly stories in the press, in order to ensure the right man is at the helm next season, so be it.

      • Yeah but at the way they are handling it, it doesn't exactly 'inspire confidence' now your seeing each manager approached publicly reject the role, AVB is in no hurry to take up the role either even if he is available..FSG hire the best, the problem is they aren't gonna get the best...ie HIDDINK, MOURINHIO, GUARDIOLA, Hell even FRANK DE BOUER!

    • No Martinez or any other relegation survivors.. If we get him then that shows FSG have no ambition at all..

      It has to be someone with experience of winning titles that has to be AVB or Capello.. as the ones currently available and realistic targets.

    • NOO NOO...with u 100% when u say...:my only realthought on a new manager is keep benitez well out of it !:

    • At what rate, 7 days?

    • A week is a long time in football.. Steer..

    • Well we've got until July 1st until we get a new manager in.. As thats when the transfer window opens supposedly?

    • Lol, now that one takes the cake.

      Yes a week is a long time in football, and this past week has been critical. Without a manager we've not had anyone to:

      Oversea games - whoops, we've had no games this past week
      To oversea training - whoops the players have been released
      To oversea transfers - whoops, the transfer window is not open.

      Yes this has been a long week, and we've really missed the manager!

    • "the transfer window is not open"

      Maybe, in a technical sense, but I suspect behind the scenes there is a great deal of activity going on. I would expect my club to be working on signing its next couple of players and for these to be announced sooner rather than later. We already have one, announced three or four weeks ago.

      I don't know about you, but I'd rather sign new players at the start of the summer than the end of the summer. Everyone knows where they are and there is better preparation time. So in that sense, your managerial vacancy is an issue. (Ours would be too, if the manager had any influence over which players were signed.)


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