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  • Hobitez Hobitez May 22, 2012 12:58 Flag

    A Letter to FSG

    Weirdly enough, the real big boy of supporters clubs sent them a letter a couple of days ago, heres one of many links:


    I dont think the owners really give a toss what they are being sent, obviously they are going to be working hard to get something solved quickly. The lack of communication is something that is frustrating now but used to be called 'the liverpool way', funny old game!

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    • Either we wanna know whats going on with the club or they revert to "The Liverpool Way" and say not a thing?

      We can't have it both ways can we?

    • I saw that letter posted in its entirety on RAWK the other day and my first thought, and that of many others on the board, was 'So how long before the media pick this up?'

      Fact is, the Liverpool Way has always been that these decisions were made behind closed doors and the first we know about it is when a press conference is called.

      SOS have been going on about getting things back to the Liverpool Way, and rightly so, and many supporters, particularly on RAWK, have spoken at length about how they wished Ian Ayre and Damien Comolli and the like would stop doing interviews and just keep things to themselves. Now correct me if I am wrong, but is this not asking the polar opposite of the club?

      We are basically saying, 'You know what, we do want things the Liverpool Way....but only on matters that suit us.'

      From my perspective, we do not have the right to know what the owners specifications for a new manager are, or any of that. All we should know really is a) we sacked kenny because..... b) we are looking for a new manager and would hope to have him in time for the transfer window opening and finally c) here is your new manager - insert managers comments about how he sees Liverpool FC developing (plus probably something about having always loved Liverpool or as I like to call it, doing a Robbie Keane).