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    A Letter to FSG

    Yes, this was really written and emailed to Mr. John Henry and Tom Werner. The reason I decided to do this is because as I've become more involved in various social medias and forumns since developing my own site, I've had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of fellow REDs supporters, mostly in the UK, and mostly hoping that despite the sacking of KD, hope that FSG will in some capacities help keep many of the traditions of the club.

    Though I think there are some extremists, and "ultras" if you will, who are calling FSG similar nicknames that we saw H&G deservedly subjected to, and even wanting them out now, without any obvious backup plan.. For those folks, I think they're living in the past when phones didn't exist and they don't really want, nor grasp the concept of change, but to each their own and I thought/hope this letter would suit most with an obvious and blatant touch of an American..

    I think most are losing patience, which is understandable since this seems to be uncharted waters, but there are actually quite a few who are enjoying the silence, saying it does conform to the Liverpool way, and perhaps could lead to a very pleasant surprise.. unfortunately, unlike the KD news, I haven't got a clue.. yet.. but it's important for everyone to stick together..

    Anyways, here goes my letter/email.. so again I hope I've done most of you proud and represented what everyone would want in some aspect or another...


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    • Weirdly enough, the real big boy of supporters clubs sent them a letter a couple of days ago, heres one of many links:


      I dont think the owners really give a toss what they are being sent, obviously they are going to be working hard to get something solved quickly. The lack of communication is something that is frustrating now but used to be called 'the liverpool way', funny old game!

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      • Either we wanna know whats going on with the club or they revert to "The Liverpool Way" and say not a thing?

        We can't have it both ways can we?

      • I saw that letter posted in its entirety on RAWK the other day and my first thought, and that of many others on the board, was 'So how long before the media pick this up?'

        Fact is, the Liverpool Way has always been that these decisions were made behind closed doors and the first we know about it is when a press conference is called.

        SOS have been going on about getting things back to the Liverpool Way, and rightly so, and many supporters, particularly on RAWK, have spoken at length about how they wished Ian Ayre and Damien Comolli and the like would stop doing interviews and just keep things to themselves. Now correct me if I am wrong, but is this not asking the polar opposite of the club?

        We are basically saying, 'You know what, we do want things the Liverpool Way....but only on matters that suit us.'

        From my perspective, we do not have the right to know what the owners specifications for a new manager are, or any of that. All we should know really is a) we sacked kenny because..... b) we are looking for a new manager and would hope to have him in time for the transfer window opening and finally c) here is your new manager - insert managers comments about how he sees Liverpool FC developing (plus probably something about having always loved Liverpool or as I like to call it, doing a Robbie Keane).

    • Jason...think u have once again managed to set in train the bitter divisions that exist in the support between the Have Faith In Rafa Brigade...and the Anti-benitez Firm. As Ive said in a previous thread any reappointment of benitez will see a lot of empty seats in Anfield and season tickets being available on the VERY cheap.
      I for one after supporting the club for 58 of my 63 yrs will be off to Blackpool FC where I can at least be sure of being excited by their football rather than bored to death by the turgid stuff dished up to the fans by benitez week in week out.

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      • If FSG are serious about LFC and winning titles they've gotta spend and spend big.. A £100m isn't enough
        They've gotta be spending that every summer.. if we're to catch up to the likes of Man Utd, City & Chelsea..

        If they can't do that as well as get the stadium built then what business do they have being our owners?

      • Hey Colin,

        Thanks for taking the time to read. Just fyi, I'm not necessarily saying I want Rafa back, though across twitter and most large social forumns at the moment, he's the overwhelming fan favorite assuming Guardiola is a 100% no, which he is. Then we're looking at AVB, Martinez, Capello and a few names we may not know.

        What I was suggesting is that regardless of his style and ways which I personally struggled to enjoy at times and felt needed major change, is that he truly loves Liverpool FC, the supporters and the history... I don't think you could deny him that much, nor could any fan.. he wears the badge proudly on his sleeve to this day. So what I was suggesting is that perhaps he could at least be considered to help somewhere in the organizational set up in the new plan/regime.. whether it be a consultant role, helping scouts in Spain/South America, bringing in youth, and targeting som of the "bigger buys".. those things he did very well.

        Also, in addition to Rafa, what my overall point was his love for the club and devotion, along with the likes of Kenny, Rush, Fowler, Barnes, Aldridge etc.. They could all do well to be in the clubs set up which adheres to sticking to the Liverpool way and the boot room theory.

        I don't want/recommend them for manager, but surely they could all play great parts in our project for long term success. FSG are doing whatever they're doing very quietly and patiently for a reason, and so I would hope they've considered these thoughts, or somewhere along these lines.. The people who love the club, should be involved to bring in more of those who will love the club and play for the shirt, the fans, not the money and get things right. A foundation is there, it needs building upon..

        Just my thoughts... if Mr. Henry reads it or not, I'll never know, unless he emails me back, but there's an equal chance of getting Eden Hazard I suppose..

    • Bravo Jason thats a well crafted and thought out letter..

      I agree with what you say...

      Do you expect a reply? I don't mean that in a sarcastic tone.

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      • A very well thought out and equally well written piece Jason, good luck with the outcome. I cant help thinking that even though logical and sound the article is, it might not achieve the purpose it deserves. I know that this will prompt some snarling and barking from a few loud individuals but like you, Rafa is my first choice to succeed Kenny, with Capello being second and if we really have to go with the youth, then AVB being third choice. I have no desire whatsoever to have us being managed by the relegation avoiding specialists like Martinez or Rodgers. I just hope that the stories about us approaching and being rejected by every Tom, Dick and Harry are just that, stories.

        As I have already said, I doubt that Rafa will feature in our owners minds due his situation being some sort of a replay of the Kenny situation, namely he is a Liverpool legend, a lot of fans first choice and would be making a return to the club. I doubt that FSG will put themselves in a similar situation again even though there are much more compelling reasons to rehire Rafa than there were to rehire Kenny, best of which is the fact that he did not leave us 20 years ago, established us as a top 4 club and the small matter of winning us the Champions League. To those whose objection to Rafa is that he was too boring, just look at Mourinho and ask yourself who is the more boring of the two, I doubt that those same people would object to Jose.

        I doubt as well that they are going to consider Capello mainly because of his age and his possible wage demands. But with Capello you are getting a proven title winner who has won titles with each and every team that he has managed. There is no way Liverpool would lose to Wigan and West Brom at home with Capello in charge. However I dont see that happening either.

        Since we obviously are not going to get the above two proven winners, I will not be averse to AVB, I dont think his exploits with Porto were a fluke, I genuinely believe that the guy has a football brain and if he does not allow what happened at Chelsea to distract him, he has a very succesful career in football management ahead of him. The advantage of him coming to us is that he will not have the weight of expectation that he had at Chelsea and Liverpool are also devoid of old backstabbing hot heads like Lampard, Terry, Drogba and co.

        I just hope this management thing can be swiftly dealt with and that this tapping of unproven managers would stop coz it is getting embarassing and the more it goes the more credibility we will continue to lose. It will end up being a case of not getting the best manager but one who agrees to be our manager coz the rest did not have any faith in our recruitment strategy.

        Once again brilliant article Jason.

    • The only issue I have with FSG is the limbo we find ourselves in not knowing which way we’ll go Managers wise while other teams are plucking the odd player out early and making purchases while we again find ourselves waiting in a window to see who we can pick up, this could see us miss out on any good free transfers.

      If I was cynical (Oh I fit that description I guess) I’d be forgiven for thinking the changing of Management at such a time would be a good ploy to not allow the correct preparation for the coming season transfer window wise. This exact thing has happened the last three or four transfer windows although FSG did spend big but again we left things so late that we had to pay over the odds for players to take them from teams so late in the window.

      It could be argued that the club pay structure was too high for players etc and they required trimming and yes I have to agree with that but when you are paying a Manager the price of a fair squad player in compensation each year when you sack him is it any wonder we find ourselves 40 million in red this year I’m sure a third of that can be related to Manager payments.

      It is no secret I wanted Rafa to stay on when he was moved on by the two grumpy old men from the Muppets! I'd love to see him come back as many of the younger players put in place during his time are flowering being on the brink of the first team squad. No matter what anyone says he did make some outstanding signings and yes some poor but he had the team playing well and getting into the top four more often than not.

    • Everyone laughed when Newcastle sold their best players and appointed Pardew. They are not laughing now. Martinez given a better squad could do well so don't dismiss him too quickly. Big names like Mourhino and Guardiola are used to top class squads and big transfer budgets. they won't get that at LFC and will so I believe would fail or walk out. Also like it or not Anfield is going and will be called the mothercare stadium or whatever depending who pays most for naming rights. The old history has gone and there will be new history to make which began with the Carling Cup this year.