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    HEad of Communications appointment is critical

    It's been touched on elsewhere but thought I'd post this in a seperate threade because I feel, that at this very moment in time appointment of a new Head of Communications is more important than a new manager. There was talk of Jen Chang being appointed. (Editor for Sports Illustrated by all accounts) but this is unconfirmed.

    Don't get me wrong both appointments are critical and the more time a new manager has the better BUT for the future of the club and getting some much needed stability the Comms appointment is key.

    At the moment the stories surrounding a new manager are driven purely by the press. They are simply having a field day guess and speculating on the next hot seat appointment at Liverpool. We've all bought into this and are in our own way feeding the fire.

    SOS have gone as far as writing a letter demanding some clarity from FSG. You have to admire their concern, we all feel the same to some extent, but it has actually stoked the fire even more and seems a little out of place considering these people hark for the days of old when the Anfield Gates were firmly shut to the press.

    I find it reassuring that FSG are quietly going about the business of finding a new manager but it will very quickly come to a point where the club needs to be sending some form of message to the world. Pehaps we are there now. Hence the Comms appointment. A careful message, now, can put many peoples concerns at ease without revealing too much.

    Secondly, and probably most importantly upon appointment of a new manager I am in no doubt whatsoever there will be large sections of the fan base that disagree with whomever gets the job. Normally this isn't a huge issue but at Liverpool it's a big one considering this person hwill have the task of replacing Kenny (watch out for the obvious comparisons) and taking the club forward, hopefully towards the top of the table. The Head of Comms will somehow need to send the right measage to try and bring everyone back together.

    Thereafter it's all about suporting Ian Ayre and co. as they seek to increase our revenue worldwide while bringing the club up to date.

    Make no mistake this is no small job!

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    • Dammit, sorry guys, in my most recent thread started I had mentioned Jen Chang and provided a link without seeing this one, so my apologies for the repeat there... Hopefully the rest of the read will do, and overlook my redundancy on her appointment portion..

      My bad! Please don't sack me

    • Is the head od communications also to communicate to the fans what the club is planning?

      As the fans haven't a clue whats going on with the club..

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      • The head of communications person will basically set up the whole communications strategy for the whole club. So short answer is yes. A propeganda manager if you like.

        To give you an example (and I'm not saying this is right or wrong) but last year if the press asked for an interview with a player we tended to stall and probably say no. While City's first response is to generally say yes. They were far more open. City are building a brand and are therefore far more open. Although I'm not sure what they did while Tevez was doing his thing.

        I'm not saying that that's not the approach we should follow (we could if that's what FSG want) but there's a lot of brand promotion to do and a lot of that is keeping supporters informed.

        Now as far as searching for a new manager is concerned I don't think there is a lot we can do over and above say that we are searchinng for someone who fits within X, Y and Z. We have to respect that many managers are working for other clubs, have contracts and are probably even at home or on holiday at the moment. Privacy etc.

        The press have unfortunately whipped the whole thing up into a frenzy. We and SOS haven't helped by stoking the fire by demanding explanations. The club could be a little guilty of not trying to dampen the flames a little but they'd run the risk of only making matters worse. Tough decision.

    • I agree 100%.

      Just a case in point I got a message on my phone saying "Liverpool Suffer 3rd rejection". The actual story was that LFC made a statement denying they were after Capello. So maybe someone can explain how we've been rejected by someone we were not after. Only in the world of the press does that make any sense. But unfortunately, some only read the headlines, but I'll name no names!