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  • Colyn Colyn May 23, 2012 12:19 Flag

    HEad of Communications appointment is critical

    Keep the glass to the wall Jason, Glass to the wall and nose to the ground :o)

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    • There are so many diverse threads at the moment, its difficult to know where to post but this one is as good as any perhaps.

      There seems little doubt that the "old" days at LFC are on the way out and with them King Kenny, SOS, Rafa etc etc. There are of course many amongst the fan base that are annoyed, disappointed, furious, frustrated or what have you with the changing state of affairs. Letters written to FSG, threatened defections to other teams by supporters, opinions on who the new manager should be followed by posts shouting "no way!" etc etc etc.

      Face it guys

      FSG have their own unique - and as far as their track record over the pond goes - successful way of doing things.

      It´s 2012 and the game is not what it was in the eighties when we last enjoyed huge success "the Liverpool way"

      Even Kenny was unable to halt the slide into several mediocre performances and too many poor results which plagued our season.

      I could ramble on but we all know what has and what is going on.

      Two things I am sure about however.

      1.The new team - whovever that turns out to be - have a big job on hand faced with the "old guard" at LFC and there will be many a call from the Anfield support of "Bring back Kenny" etc once the season gets underway and we draw or lose a game as will happen for sure.

      2.Once things start to turn around and we start to pile up wins, all will swiftly be forgotten and we will return to being LFC supporters "united". I am not saying this will happen anytime soon, but I reckon it is going to happen, if not next season, then the one after.

      Look at it this way for a possible positive, FSG were almost forced into the KK appointment by fan feelings and pressure. It stabilised the ship but we failed to progress beyond that. Let´s trust them, until we see reason not to, to now do things their way and lets hope that, in so doing, we begin to move forward sooner rather than later.