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  • Loki Loki May 22, 2012 19:47 Flag

    SOS letter wasn't just about the manager

    A lot of people on here have mentioned that SOS have jumped the gun with regards to their letter to the Americans, but I must admit I don't see it that way.

    If you read it, the whole pretext of the letter is 'What is your vision for the future of LFC?'

    I'm glad that they haven't released a statement about the manager (the Liverpool way), but I think they have been made to look like incompetent fools with the number of people distancing themselves from the managers job. With every rebuff, the club looks more and more like its not an attractive proposition to those high calibre candidates we all want.

    Also, a massive concern for all of us is the stadium, and I am afraid that 'We are exploring all the options' just doesn't cut it anymore. I've said before that an undertaking was given to increase capacity one way or another by FSG for them to have preferred buyer status. They have had long enough now and need to tell us what the score is and what they are going to do about it.

    Thirdly, transfer funds for the new manager. Only last month Tom Werner said 'We can compete financially with any club in the world.' Maybe its good they're not saying 'We're minted, increase your asking price by 20%' but are they really serious about success? Getting back in to the top 4 and staying there is my opinion will cost another £100 million on 5 quality additions plus the best youngsters for the future. That will show us, plus the existing squad who might be in 2 minds about signing a new contract, that they DO mean business.

    Ian Ayre mentioned last week that top 4 is more of a priority right now than winning stuff, and I'm okay with that for now as long as we can compete on all fronts with the squad after top 4 is achieved.

    I think these are legitimate questions. SOS intimate that they have not been included in discussions about the way forward, and Dave Whelan saying that he was made to feel about as welcome as a f@rt in an astronaut suit, shows we've fallen a long way from the old days.

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    • You have more chance of winning the premiership than fsg reading your letter, if you get a reply it will be a standard letter which banged out to every non entity get real

    • Loki, I take your point that the letter was about much more than the vacancy left by Kenny, but that subject is a central point in the SOS text, and would always be the focus with the letter being released now while the press are in the middle of a feeding frenzy about the management vacancy.

      I do think SOS and you do have some legitimate concerns and better two-way communication is central to those concerns. However maybe that is at least part of the reason why the job of communications director has been vacated and FSG is currently looking for a more qualified person to take that role. It’s not just dealing with the press, but total communication and it can't be done at arms length from Boston.

      That is why I think the letter is premature, or at least been released with bad timing. Let the new communication director get his feet under the desk before you complain he's not doing a good job. Let the new manager and or director of football identify our targets, ask for a transfer funds and FSG approve them and actually deliver it before we complain we're not spending enough.

      But my other complaint about the letter beyond timing is the reference to déjà vu which can mean nothing else but a comparison to the H&G days. Personally I think this is a very unfortunate and unhelpful reference. Its fair enough to keep the feet of our current owners close to the fire, but they are far imo from the Toxic Texan who to this day after taking our club to the brink of administration still fights on trying to extract money he feels he's entitled to even though he must know that would mean the end of LFC as we know it. We may want more from Mr. Henry and Warner, but let’s be fair they are not actively tearing the club down and pocketing the profits. So far they’ve put in way more than they’ve taken out.

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      • I agree that it was most ill-advised for SOS to even equate FSG to the other two.

        If FSG are completely serious about taking us to the top, then that would p*ss them off royally and illicit a response, and maybe that's all it was, trying to get a reaction out of them. Who knows?

        The thing FSG have to understand is that the previous ownership is like an open wound to us, and when we see or hear things that could compromise the club's chances of success, then we get uppity about it. If it is true that they promised to involve fan groups, and that dialogue hasn't happened - it is not so long ago that our feelings were shunted to one side by owners - , we don't want that happening again, so SOS have a right to be concerned about that.

        Hopefully, this will be a learning curve for both sides i.e the fans learn to trust FSG, but FSG let us know how things are going once in a while so they don't appear to be absentee owners like Venky's. Fan trust can only be gained by action and not breaking promises, so I feel the ball is in FSG's court now to bring some clarity to the issues raised.

    • I'd like to also see FSG tell us what they plan to do...

      How long do they intend being our owners is one question I'd love to know..