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  • Just saw this posted by a Chelsea supporter, an insider?

    "... he is not a good manager, he's­ a joke; he treated Anelka & Alex appallingly,­ isolating them & making them train alone before­ forcing them out unceremoniously. He kept sticking­ boring DVD's about the opposition unde the­ player's doors…which they ignored; they apparantly­ refered him as 'DVD on the training ground. Then­ there were the insane tactics: forcing the defenders to­ play a high line, an insane mistake as shown by Aston­ Villa & Arsenal home defeats. After this dreadful­ tactic saw us carved open 3-1 at Old Trafford, Alan­ Hansen rightly called him 'naiive'. AVB was so­ stupid he argued that he made the team play these­ suidicide tactics because he has 'football­ principles'. Then there is the leaving out of­ experienced players like Frank Lampard & Ashley­ Cole against Napoli in the Champions League…..we lost­ 3-1 & it could have been 5-1."

    Robert, any truth to any of this?

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    • Also Chelsea haven't the players to implement an attacking system.. whereas we do..

    • As i understand things AVB was given a remit to reduce the age of the chelsea squad. The senior players at chelsea were never gonna stand for that and are well practiced at getting rid of managers they don't like.

      i'd like to think that player power is less rife at LFC and is better suited for a young manager playing the right kind of football to make his mark

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      • I've lost count of all the older players Chelsea have lost in recent years. This season alone we have lost Anelka and Alex and now Drogba. In previous years we lost Ballack, Beletti, Carvalho, Deco, and that's just the start of the alphabet.

        There's not much more to do. Ferreira and Hilario will move on soon. Essien will probably go somewhere he'll get more matches. We have youthful replacements for all these. Lampard and Cole have more seasons in them. Terry will gradually get crow-barred out (if he isn't thrown out in July). Then our team is pretty youthful and compares well with others.

        You might like to think player power is less rife at Liverpool, but don't you remember the body language of Gerrard and Torres in the latter days of Benitez and Hodgson, when they dared make substitutions not to the players' liking? Perhaps the players at Liverpool weren't/aren't as meek and mild with their management as you hope. And from their point of view - they represent the continuity of the club rather more than any new owners and managers who parachute in.

        Your new manager needs to get your players onside just as much as ours will.


    • I have no special inside track, but what I've read supports that in at least one general and one specific way.

      The general way was he seems not to have had the confidence of the players. Whether this was due to age or inexperience or character, I don't know. But if your squad aren't behind you it's going to be tough.

      The specific was his team selection against Napoli. The Sunday before he called a clear the air meeting and asked everyone if they had something to say to say it. Lampard, Cole and Essien expressed their opinion and they were promptly dropped against Napoli, and then brought on as subs when Chelsea were losing. It was at that point that I realised he had to go and it was only a matter of time.

      Football management is more about people management than anything else. AVB couldn't hack it at Chelsea. He needs a smaller club where he can do well.


    • According to reports AVB is holding talks with FSG..

      So he's still in the frame.. it would seem it's between Martinez & AVB?

    • OMG! If that is true, then we don´t want him! Hopefully, FSG will have access to such information we hope? Martinez for me if the story about AVB is true. The players are reported to like him at Wigan.

    • Maybe it's because Chelsea's players are so set in their ways that they can't adapt.

      Also the DVD point is fine if it's to understand your opponents weaknesses and strengths..

      It's Chelsea's players faults for not wanting to learn new ideas.

      So they ignored them and what a surprise they lost due to ignorance.

      AVB has won titles with Porto.
      He's good manager. I suspect our players are open to new ideas..

    • Would seem FSG have ruled out AVB as manager..

      Oh well so be it..