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  • Jason Jason May 28, 2012 22:18 Flag

    Don't Shoot the Messenger part 2..

    Hi Loki,

    Everything on God's green earth points to him not leaving and this being false, which ironically is why I felt more comfortable posting it than what I had been told about Kenny because sadly it was 100% true..

    I'm not sure the reliability, so I'm playing messenger and just saying I'll be happy if it's true and happens, not that I'm right.. I'm all for the club and my interests there..

    It's being defiantly insisted upon, by someone, and said (which I can agree with) FSG are excellent at sharing little and creating smoke screens.. of course not for agony purposes, just privacy.

    Again, just saying what I've heard, just the messenger, if I'm wrong, we know we probably get Martinez unless Van Gaal is taking the mgr spot, though I think he's coming in as director.