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  • Hobitez Hobitez May 29, 2012 09:38 Flag

    Don't Shoot the Messenger part 2..

    Do you think this is true then Jason? I thought he wasnt interested at all? I see that Rodgers is the bookies favourite for the job now which would be dissapointing. Klopp you cant argue with, he's pretty much done what Benitez did with Valencia over in Germany and I guess it would fit with Van Gaal better. I have pretty much moved in favour of Martinez now, I like his manner and if anything, I feel a little sorry for him the way the press are second guessing everything and Dave Whelan is telling everyone his life story!

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    • Hey Hobs..

      I just cannot make up my mind and say yes or no.. it's got my gut twisted..

      Like I said, with the Kenny thing I was sure and felt terrible knowing, or even saying it. This time, it seems as if everything in the world is pointing to no way, but the person seems so defiantly adament that I can't help but at least acknowledge it. Probably shouldn't have started this, but then again, I think a good amount of the masses had started to open up to Martinez.

      I haven't got a clue about Rodgers other than what we all see and the bookies changing odds.. Originally, for me, I preferred him over avb, martinez and several others not named Pep.

      I think everybody is probably near the point of nausea and madness, myself included, but this is how FSG operate and everything that's being said and done, could all be smoke and mirrors or could be true.

      The one thing I do know, is once they appoint their guys, they will spend! They weren't happy with the last investments, but they have money and will make it available but want 2 people agreeing on players that are the right ones and top ones..

      Klopp.... I just don't know.. sadly best I can say is, let's wait and see, but again, we all think it's Martinez and now Rodgers..

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      • OMG, I could spend all week trying to fish through Armchairs immediate reactions and constant thoughts to find a normal, sane post. I really think we are going to go with Martinez but I get the inkling he may reject the offer as it seems pretty clear it is to be a coach and not manager. I just hope we end up with it sorted soon so we dont have to suffer watching our rivals buying everyone of interest!

      • Still nothing on Klopp, so I suppose there's nothing in it, but alot of what is being said and suggested is that Martinez is becoming a doubt.

        I had really started to warm up to him, but after reading/hearing he was making demans about having full player control it made me feel like "hey, hang on there little fella" "easy with those demands"

        Rodgers seems the hot name... It's all making me want to tear my hair out and watch, we'll get AVB who I can't stand.. I'm done with this and any "sources" and stories until it's done.. worse than silly transfer season which hasn't even officially opened..


      • Lets hire all 4 and be done with it lol..

        Martinez, Rodgers, Klopp & Gaal..