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  • Havin_A_Red_Day_? Havin_A_Red_Day_? May 29, 2012 16:54 Flag

    Don't Shoot the Messenger part 2..

    Im starting to get the feeling that if we do land louis van goul as the director of footy and we cant find someone to manage the team I think old louis will be in the managers seat solo with no director of anything over shadowing him winners all round.......


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    • did I miss something? Has Roberto had his eagerly anticipated Press Conference? What did he say? Lo siento mucho pero......fun init?

    • Swansea have announced they are holding a meeting (supposedly 2 hours, not sure why that would matter) with Brendan Rodgers.

      They have said no contact with Liverpool has currently taken place, however this meeting might suggest that afterwards they would have permission to open talks. I suppose this would tie in with the bookies odds..

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      • Much like most of you are probably able to read or see on your tele right now, the current set up, of course no confirmations anywhere, seems like:

        Louis Van Gaal DOF
        Segura Technical Director
        Brendan Rodgers Manager

        Of course, Martinez is somewhere floating about, but I personally believe the structure doesn't work for him which is a shame because I think he had the skill to give it a go, but I do fancy Rodgers more for some reason..

        And, like I said, don't shoot the messenger, but this certain person is still insistent upon the fact it will be Jurgen Klopp, who's name and club have remained completely quiet for 2 days now..

        I hope this is the last time anyone shares anything with me because I'm agonizing about this, especially thinking that we're wasting valuable days trying to get Edinson Cavani his RED shirt!!