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  • Jason Jason May 28, 2012 21:56 Flag

    Don't Shoot the Messenger part 2..

    Ok, so last time I was accused of stirring the pot because I wouldn't elaborate on the detail of the news I had been told, which unfortunately was the sacking of Kenny... I hate being wrong and I hate claiming I have any sources better than the next guy..

    So, in saying that, there's a very good chance I could be wrong and I hope I won't get tarred and feathered, or worse... see Christian Poulsen in a Red shirt ever again..

    BUT, since 99/100 I hate making predictions and believe in Karma, good or bad depending how you look at it, and having said this, I think we can expect to hear (aside from Louis Van Gaal, which is publicized already)

    Jurgen Klopp

    Rather than being right, I just hope it's true, because I think he's 100% the right man, barring Pep who's realistically not available..

    Don't know if it will be tomorrow or this week, and if it's false I do truly and sincerely apologize as hopefully my rep has never been that of a wind up artist or rumor starter..

    Anyways, cheers mates, and for the sake of LFC, let's get behind the manager whoever it is regardless of your personal opinion! Reds Supporters are the best, so let's continue to prove it..

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    • Now that would be the dogs b0llocks!

      Would he leave a Champions League club though?

      I can see the headlines 'Jurgen Kop' and all that.

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      • "Jurgen KOP's it at LFC" yea and many more puns lol...

        I agree though would he come to a club thats in the EL and requires restructuring?..

        As well as heavy investment..

      • Hi Loki,

        Everything on God's green earth points to him not leaving and this being false, which ironically is why I felt more comfortable posting it than what I had been told about Kenny because sadly it was 100% true..

        I'm not sure the reliability, so I'm playing messenger and just saying I'll be happy if it's true and happens, not that I'm right.. I'm all for the club and my interests there..

        It's being defiantly insisted upon, by someone, and said (which I can agree with) FSG are excellent at sharing little and creating smoke screens.. of course not for agony purposes, just privacy.

        Again, just saying what I've heard, just the messenger, if I'm wrong, we know we probably get Martinez unless Van Gaal is taking the mgr spot, though I think he's coming in as director.

    • Do you think this is true then Jason? I thought he wasnt interested at all? I see that Rodgers is the bookies favourite for the job now which would be dissapointing. Klopp you cant argue with, he's pretty much done what Benitez did with Valencia over in Germany and I guess it would fit with Van Gaal better. I have pretty much moved in favour of Martinez now, I like his manner and if anything, I feel a little sorry for him the way the press are second guessing everything and Dave Whelan is telling everyone his life story!

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      • Hey Hobs..

        I just cannot make up my mind and say yes or no.. it's got my gut twisted..

        Like I said, with the Kenny thing I was sure and felt terrible knowing, or even saying it. This time, it seems as if everything in the world is pointing to no way, but the person seems so defiantly adament that I can't help but at least acknowledge it. Probably shouldn't have started this, but then again, I think a good amount of the masses had started to open up to Martinez.

        I haven't got a clue about Rodgers other than what we all see and the bookies changing odds.. Originally, for me, I preferred him over avb, martinez and several others not named Pep.

        I think everybody is probably near the point of nausea and madness, myself included, but this is how FSG operate and everything that's being said and done, could all be smoke and mirrors or could be true.

        The one thing I do know, is once they appoint their guys, they will spend! They weren't happy with the last investments, but they have money and will make it available but want 2 people agreeing on players that are the right ones and top ones..

        Klopp.... I just don't know.. sadly best I can say is, let's wait and see, but again, we all think it's Martinez and now Rodgers..

    • Klopp has ruled himself out of being LFC manager..

      So thats another..

    • Quality post Jason, would be awsome beyond belief if it was too come true


    • I am so terribly, terribly (TERRIBLY) sorry for continuing this, but, nothing has been formalized in writing, YET..

      I had mentioned there may yet be a twist earlier today or yesterday, whole thing has made me lost my wits, but there may just be..

      If not, and for those of you who know me (as well as you can via blog) I am telling the god's honest truth, something did not go according to plan today and though at this point I'm over and done with it, also fairly excited over Rodgers for my own personal reasons, there was a matter of minutes that separated him from another.

      I promise with all my life that much like the KD news, this was made as defiantly clear as of this evening, but I'm being a ba.stard by even sharing this gut twisting news, and I swear if it did not risk the slightest possibility of being read by the wrong person, or re-distributed, I'd elaborate further...

      Someone else was intended to be manager, some people are not happy but we must look forward with the Rodgers Revolution and unless something's made public, ignore this gut wrenching info I'm not really sharing, but trying to..

      Again, swear on everything I have to my name... all 13 Torres jerseys to be specific.

    • Jason, you are a f*cking c0ckteaser!!!!

      Who cares if it gets out? Spill the beans my good man!

    • Where would he fit in? The bench maybe?? His position is wide or behind one or two strikers. I think those positions are taken. The last thing I would want would be Joe Cole protecting the back four!

    • He's German. Wears Glasses. And, he's German.

      It was like a 25th hour type thing that fell apart, and I guess the reason this is really bothersome is because nothing official on the current situation from any party who really matters. At this point can't imagine that would change anything in the next 24-48 hours though

      For the record, some idiot got in trouble on the QPR boards last season when Warnock was still coach so I don't want to be that idiot. So, Brendan Rodgers it is and let's carry on..

    • Welp, still no official comment nor quotes from LFC, FSG, Henry, or coach/club, but BBC are saying Rodgers is to be confirmed and Sky has it at 1/25 odds..

      Guess I'm off the hook now.. but just for fun, I'm still tracking ze rumor of ze German... can't hurt until it's done and dusted I suppose..