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  • Raaj Raaj May 30, 2012 22:51 Flag

    Can anyone clarify about...

    ....MR BRENDAN ROGERS......Not exactly the big name signing that was needed for the club....but now he's got the job,

    1. How long will he REALLY have to try and be a success?

    2. No director of football I assume? (it was madness not to go with V.Gaal instead of going for rogers as the manager...)

    Also surely Brendan realises what his remit is, to qualify for the champions league and not 6th as Mark Lawrenson said....

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    • Raaj, how long does any manager have to prove himself? Surely the same should be afforded to Rogers, or is he different in your eyes because he was not your first choice, or because you perceive him as less experienced.

      Seems to me how long a manager is given to prove he's up to the job is based upon how big that job is, as much as how quickly he can show signs of progress. Have no doubt we are still a team in transition. A firm foundation has been put down, but don't expect instant success just because there is a new gaffer, he still needs to build up the team before it will bear fruit.

      But why all the negativity? Okay not your first choice, maybe not a household name across Europe or beyond, but your tone assumes he's not up to the job, and you’re counting the days, weeks or months for him to fail. Have you been hanging out with Sofa too much?

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      • Dave - the attitude of some people is unbelievable isn't it?

        They WANT Rodgers to fail - just so they can say 'I told you so' and feel good about themselves and their so-called football knowledge.

        I think it is an inspired choice and I think now he has hit on a successful formula and how it translates on to the pitch, we will definitely improve. I wouldn't mind him bringing in a couple of Swansea players either (Dyer and Sinclair).

        We see how the media fuel the fire and these doom merchants gobble it up! I wasn't particularly happy about the public process myself, I don't think they covered themselves in glory, but its any excuse to have a go be it their Yanks and only know baseball, they're not rich enough and should sell to an Arab sheikh, or the staff they choose are rubbish! Doesn't anybody want to give the guy a chance? It seems not!

    • Is it confirmed / denied that Gaal will be the DOF?

    • There will be a director of football, that's why Martinez rejected the job.