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  • Colyn Colyn May 31, 2012 16:12 Flag

    Liverpool sign best manager in the country

    Knowing a few Reading fans they weren't too pleased with what Rodgers achieved. They have done considerably better since. Having been to a few of their home games this season and sitting down and thinking about it for a moment itkind of makes sense. Reading simply didn't have the quality in the playing staff to play possession football. That is if that's what Rodgers was trying to do there.

    It's good news that he's a student of the game and seems to have the right playing philosophy. I'm crossing fingers he can bring those ideas to Liverpool. We have a start as some of the players can certainly adapt to that game. Others less so but we're all aware that changes are needed and I'm excited at the prospect of seeing Liverpool playing football with the ball on the floor and probing for openings rather than the 50/50 approach that a long game brings.

    It's gonna take time though. Will Armchair give him, the DoF and FSG that time or will we see more demands for a £350m transfer budget alongside a £400m stadium with a magnetic monorail and an big comfy armchair and TV for each seat?

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    • We both have that strange Reading connection, I've been in the stands there a wee bit this season, I even played there last Friday but lost the final of the 6 a side tournament despite outsting a Chelsea 'legends' team!

      All he has to do is finish 7th and he will have had an acceptable start, I hope the 'lure' of Europa league football doesnt attract too much of his attention! I think Joe Cole will be happy to see an ex Chelsea man in charge, it must be good for him, I can also see Aqua being of interest to Brendan in a flashy Leon Britton kinda way! Raheem Sterling should be encouraged by Swansea's reliance on wingplay too. I reckon Steve Clarke has a good chance of staying on too having been part of Mourihnos coaching staff previously.

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      • Unfortunately for me I work there. Too far from where I want to be but still I've enjoyed the odd game there this season. Sitting with a QPR fan watching some of their old players do this business for Reading has added some "extra" entertainment to it. While I can't praise their brand of football much I can only offer huge repect to the manager and team following the run they went on in the second half of the season. They've been quite ruthless in front of goal to their credit, which is a complete contrast to us at Liverpool.

        I've always wanted to see more of Aquilani in a red shirt. There is something, a little touch of class that shines through. Someone who can actually beat an opponent before he's received the ball is a sure sign of ability. I hope Rodgers can get the opportunity to look at him and see if he can fit in. And he needs to convince him to stay as well.

        Shame we couldn't have saved your resounding Chelsea thrashing for the FA Cup final.

      • Go on, tell us who was in the Chelsea legends team. Bearing in mind we had no legends at all between about 1975 and 1995, which was probably the era supplying your opponents, was it people like Clive Walker and his mates?