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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 May 31, 2012 17:05 Flag

    Liverpool sign best manager in the country

    You make some really good points here. I'm trying to think about this in terms of what he can do to help some of our existing players play even better.

    Our back line has players who for the most part are comfortable on the ball, so with a system where they have responsibility to play out of the back and press up field I think they can do wonders. We already think of Johnson and Agger as attacking minded players good on the ball, but this past season I think many were pleasantly surprised by the cool on the ball skills Skrtel showed. Add to that Enrique, and also Coates, and I think we have a number of defenders who could thrive under Rogers.

    In the midfield, we've got young players who have yet to fully complete their education. Think about Henderson and Shelvey, and of course we know about the passing ability of Lucas. I am curious how Adam and Stevie will fit into Rogers plans. Adam has had his critics on here, but he's still a relatively young footballer (25/26) so no reason he can't adapt, but think the long so called "Hollywood" balls will not please the new gaffer. Gerrard also may have to adjust his game, but since there is not much Stevie can't do, I recon he'll adapt well. I'm wondering if we'll see him in a more advanced role behind the striker, or as the play maker dictating the tempo.

    Wide I'm sure will be an area of focus. Downing may thrive; he's got plenty of pace, very good delivery, and is technically good. Kuyt as has already been rumors maybe on his way out, but personally think a hard working utility player is needed in every squad. I'm not sure he's Rogers’s ideal player, but maybe worth keeping, unless we get some very tempting offers. Bellamy with his pace and skill should do well. But the big winner I think will be Sterling. He's still very young so lets not pump him up too much too soon, but he has all the raw ability in terms of pace, delivery and good technical skill, but is also young enough a good coach who knows how to develop players (that is how Rogers cut his teeth) can really mold him into something great.

    Up front it’s a bit harder. Suarez I don't think you coach, you just let him loose. He knows how to get into the right places at the right time. But he also has plenty of technical ability so may actually play deeper as a fluid link between midfield and the front line.

    Carroll is the question mark. For some they just don't think he's got the feet for fluid pass and move football, but I disagree. But additionally while we maybe excited by the style of football Rogers may bring, I do think a one dimensional approach no matter how well its implemented can still be thwarted by a stubborn defense. Look at what Chelsea did to both Barca and Bayern; look at what Stoke does repeatedly to Wenger’s fancy boys at the Britannia. But having a second dimension can really help break things down. I'm not talking about lumping it forward and hoping Carroll gets on the end of it, but the ability to play on the floor into the box or in the air keeps defenders on their toes. The more wary of crosses coming in for Carroll they are, the more room there is for Suarez, the more they try to hem in Suarez, the more chances for Carroll open up.

    Personally the more I think about Rogers the more excited I get. I really do think he can improve on an already decent foundation. Add to that in the transfer window and I do think we'll see vast improvement next term. Its not going to happen overnight, and so I think we need to be patient, but I think I can see the longer term plan the owners were thinking about when the picked our new man.

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    • Yes Dave, I have been hook, line and sinkered into the FSG policy now, I guess you have to be otherwise you arent doing your job as a 'support'er. I am not just singing from the unequivocal support songsheet and I am not claiming Rodgers to be a better manager then Capello or Hiddink but for the project we have and the lean towards youth and prefered playing style, the board have made a very intelligent and progressive appointment.

      I forgot to mention Coates, he really does have good feet, he could be very useful in a passing defence. Lucas was putting in some pretty monstrous 90% ish pass completion ratios last season and even Jordan Henderson was cracking 85% so with a bit of calmness instigated they may get even higher.
      Another interesting one is that Swansea play with the lone big man up top in Danny Graham who is very much in the Andy mould.

      I dont want to suggest that Brendan Rodgers has an easy job for him this season but he will be the benefactor of Kennys turmoil.

      - He is coming to a club where the old players transfer fees will no longer hold relevance
      - He can look around the dressing room and see young englishmen with no pound signs on their heads
      - The core of the side was ripped out a year ago and then given a season to begin a gelling process
      - The team proved its potential in the cups last season but was massively lacking in consistency
      - The squads flaws are clear for all to see so transfer strategys should be simple enough
      - an 8th place finish with lowest ever points tally will provide a platform for lower expectation!

    • dsteer...great post Dave pretty well mirrors my owsn thoughts on upcoming season. Looking fw to how much more we play wide under BR...As u say Sterling could thrive under his tutelage. Think we might also see BR with his tactics getting the best out of Downing too. Like u thinking on Carrol ...the way u put it reminds me of that extra dimednsion we always had tactically when Crouchie was with us ...kept the opposition guessing what we would do next..I was sorry to see him go. I do think that for a big man Carrol has excellent control and the ability to turn quickly without needing too much space to do so and this ability in itself could open all kinds of options for Suarez to play off...would have liked to have seen Kenny given another season but am happy to see the arrival of BR and am looking fw to seeing his tactics when we kick off the new season. Good Luck to him !!!

    • Excellent post Dave - I wanted Klopp as first choice, knowing that wasn't possible, it was Rodgers all the way for me.

      I remember when Houllier was manager and we played Valencia pre-season, the way Rafa's team destroyed us really stuck in a lot of our minds. Similarly, when Swansea came and showed us how it should be done also stuck in a lot of minds. Can you imagine if he successfully implements the Swansea blueprint with the undoubted better players we have? For people to say he's cr@p just because he had what I would call a learning curve at Reading? Drive's me crazy!

      Carroll - for anyone who thinks he can't play on the floor look at his equaliser in the FA Cup Final. Also I think Rodgers will like a strong hold-up player who can switch the ball wide to pacy skilful wingers.

      I think going to Anfield is actually going to be a pleasure again!!

    • dsteer at the end of the day, the gulf is widening between, Man City, Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham and liverpool... while the likes of chelsea are getting the eden hazards of this world Liverpool have to make do with mediocrity.....they need to fast-track their way into the top 4, 3 years out of champions league money has made a HUGE difference for liverpool...yeah I know Brendan needs time, but with the financial fair-play rules also coming in, LFC cannot afford another season in europa, everything else must be sacrificed, Carling Cup, Europa, and F.A. cup if it means Liverpool can get back into the top 4, even if its purely on goal difference...

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      • Getting into the top 4 as soon as possible is critical but not sure you're seeing the bigger picture and how spending big on older experienced players (and coaches ) goes against that big picture.

        A majority of the first team won't hit prime for another 3-4 years. At that time those other clubs will need to spend to replace their current stars and will be hamstrung by FFP as they do it. We on the other hand will have a squad at its peak and will be able to spend what we earn enhancing it. It's not a 12 month or 18 month plan but a 3-5 year plan.

    • Thats a really good bit of writing dsteer, youve just made me a Buck Rogers believer!!!!!!!!