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  • Loki Loki May 31, 2012 23:11 Flag

    Liverpool sign best manager in the country

    Excellent post Dave - I wanted Klopp as first choice, knowing that wasn't possible, it was Rodgers all the way for me.

    I remember when Houllier was manager and we played Valencia pre-season, the way Rafa's team destroyed us really stuck in a lot of our minds. Similarly, when Swansea came and showed us how it should be done also stuck in a lot of minds. Can you imagine if he successfully implements the Swansea blueprint with the undoubted better players we have? For people to say he's cr@p just because he had what I would call a learning curve at Reading? Drive's me crazy!

    Carroll - for anyone who thinks he can't play on the floor look at his equaliser in the FA Cup Final. Also I think Rodgers will like a strong hold-up player who can switch the ball wide to pacy skilful wingers.

    I think going to Anfield is actually going to be a pleasure again!!